J.B. Marine becomes new Academy Affiliate

12 December 3:02 pm

J.B. Marine becomes new Academy Affiliate

By Liam O'Connell

J.B. Marine Soccer Club of St. Louis, Missouri has officially joined forces with Sporting Kansas City and Sporting Club as the newest Academy Affiliate in the Sporting Club Network. Rebranded as Sporting J.B. Marine, they join Sporting StL Rangers and Sporting Columbia SC as the third Academy Affiliate in the state of Missouri and the Sporting Club Network’s seventh total Academy Affiliate.

"We're excited to welcome Sporting J.B. Marine as an Academy Affiliate and the first all-girls club in the Sporting Club Network," Sporting Kansas City Academy Director of Coaching Jon Parry said. "Their history of player development speaks for itself and their teams have represented our region at the highest levels."

Sporting J.B. Marine has produced players of the highest pedigree and the club has accounted for six of the eight national championships won by any girls program in the state of Missouri. They have also amassed an astounding 76 Missouri state championships, 22 regional championships and 17 Final Four appearances since being established in 1978.

Sporting J.B. Marine coaches will have the ability to take advantage of coaching lectures and premium coaching clinics at the Swope Soccer Village in Kansas City, Mo., as well as at other locations in the metropolitan area and throughout the Midwest. The partnership will also include numerous added benefits for exclusive access to Sporting Kansas City as an official Academy Affiliate.

In addition to becoming an Academy Affiliate in the Sporting Club Network, Sporting J.B. Marine has partnered with Sporting StL Rangers to provide even more opportunities to the coaches and players involved in their respective programs. Through this partnership, training, events, and other player opportunities can be provided to members more efficiently, economically, and productively for both players and their families. Both clubs are looking forward to working together and sharing resources to allow the area’s most qualified coaches and clinicians to continue producing the area’s most outstanding players.  

Players that participate and compete through the Academy Affiliate program will be directly connected to Sporting Kansas City’s Academy and youth development initiatives. In turn, they will have the opportunity to gain experience while receiving heightened levels of training and development. Beyond this, all Sporting J.B. Marine players will now be invited to partake in the annual Academy Affiliate Tournament, an event that brings together some of the most competitive and talented youth soccer players from across the Midwest, all under the Sporting Club umbrella.