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05 April 12:13 pm

Hey D.C. United, 

Remember this? 

The year 2004 still leaves a sour taste in our mouth. You may be forgiven, but this handball will never be forgotten (plus it's inked in the Twittersphere by Alecko himself). 



See you tonight. 


04 April 10:16 am



01 April 12:34 pm

Any one notice Puma's fashion statement on Saturday? 

And we're not talking his bright pink ensemble...

We'll give you a hint: 

Still guessing? Note: left is the first half, right is the second half. 

See for yourself: 

Puma being trendy at training on Monday: 


01 April 11:48 am

Dream week for Benny Feilhaber: two assists, named Soccer By Ives MLS Player of the Week, and not to mention he tallied the most points for MLS Fantasy users

His defense wasn't bad either: 

In addition to his two assists on offense, Benny Feilhaber also won all 7 of his tackle challenges against Montreal. 

29 March 5:02 pm

You knew this was coming. 


28 March 4:55 pm



25 March 1:07 pm

Another milestone for Sporting Kansas City this weekend:  

Sporting Kansas City allowed no shots on goal in the match; something that has been done just six times in club history.

Three New England Revolution attempts during the match - none of which were on target.