Associate Directory

For general inquiries, please use the contact information below.

  • Phone toll free: 1-888-4KC-GOAL  (1-888-452-4625)
  • Phone local: 1-913-387-3400
Robb Heineman Chief Executive Officer ----------
Jake Reid President 913-951-3552
Alan Dietrich Chief Operating Officer 913-951-3531
Nikki Romolo Director of Events 913-951-3579
Selena Corpuz Sporting Club Events Associate Manager 913-912-7517
Natalie Irons Manager, Sporting Club Events 913-912-7506
Gregg Allen VP of Ticket Sales & Service 913-951-3558
Beth Brittain Manager, Ticket Sales 913-951-3557
Courtney Clark Sales Associate 913-951-3556
Jordan Fitzpatrick Director of Ticket Operations 913-424-9200
Rodrigo Futema Swope Park Rangers Sales Associate 913-951-3562
Jordan Kelsey Director of Ticket Sales 913-387-3426
Gabriel Quintero Senior Account Executive 913-387-3838
Tyler Roberts Ticket Operations Manager 620-804-1210
Nick Shrader Sales Associate 913-387-3441
Derek Thompson Account Executive 913-951-3567
Naman Wajid Sales Associate 620-757-9470
Justin Compton VP of Corporate Partnerships 913-387-3425
Tyler Albregts Partnership Marketing Coordinator 913-951-3578
Zack Collins Business Development Manager 203-980-9365
Stacy Gewecke Director, Partnership Marketing 913-387-3418
Ashley Green Manager, Partnership Marketing 913-951-3535
William Jenkins Business Intelligence Analyst, Corporate Partnerships 816-721-0425
Jonathan Moses Director, Corporate Partnership Sales 816-721-7151
Matt Smith Senior Business Developer 816-215-0177
Mike Tannenbaum Account Manager, Partnership Marketing 703-489-3417
Erin Vierzba Account Manager, Partnership Marketing 913-951-3564
Doug Walker Account Manager, Partnership Marketing 913-912-7604
Matt Evans Director of Client Services 913-387-3839
Connor Anson Client Services Executive 913-387-3406
Jason Cannito Client Services Executive 913-387-3421
Tara Cunningham Client Services Executive 816-949-1269
Devan Dignan Premium Services Executive 913-387-3427
Sam Lane Client Services Executive 913-951-3536
Zachary Mayer Client Services Manager 913-387-3889
Repollet Deanna Premium Services Manager 913-387-3427
Wilson Temple Client Services Executive 913-387-3414
Derek Trammell Parking Coordinator 913-912-7591
Betsy Maxfield VP of Youth Soccer 773-343-5099
Chris Boyajian Youth Soccer Coordinator 704-345-3924
Colin Bulwich Director of Youth Programs 816-949-1215
Alex Firchau Community Affairs & Communications, Youth Soccer 219-577-6275
Tyler McManus Camps Leader 913-387-3883
Liam O'Connell Manager, Academy Affiliates 413-461-6307
Rob Thomson Exec. VP of Communications & Digital 913-387-3405
Molly Dreska Communications & Digital Manager 913-387-3428
Jonathon Feyerherm Digital Manager 913-387-3887
Jonathan Kaplan Communications & Digital Manager 816-949-1197
Sam Kovzan Digital Content Coordinator 913-526-2574
Sam Scott Video Producer and Editor 423-794-8522
Brandi Thomas Community Programs Leader 913-235-2102
Gerald Holland VP of Marketing 816-949-1214
Carter Augustine Stadium Vision Operator 913-912-7676
Jordan Borel Video Producer and Editor 913-951-3536
Olivia Brestal Creative Lead 913-951-3532
Kaley Hattrup Director of Event Marketing 913-387-3885
Brad Mertel Director of Video Operations 913-912-7676
Chad Reynolds Creative Director 913-387-3422
Nate Saathoff Creative Lead 913-387-3424
Dan Lolli Vice President of Operations 913-912-7562
Ben Beard Building Engineer ----------
Darin Canova Supporter Liaison 913-387-3443
Megan Dodd Retail Manager 913-912-7556
Dan Drelich Stadium & Event Operations Leader 913-912-7605
Ethan Duffey Retail Merchandise Processor 913-961-8370
Thomas Earle Retail Operations Associate 913-912-7555
Matthew Fucaloro AV Manager 516-673-1524
Connor Galloway Lead Building Services Attendant ----------
Isaias Herrera Lead Building Services Attendant ----------
Bryan Hickey Operations Coordinator 570-351-3100
Spencer King Assistant Groundskeeper ----------
Erick Landis Director of Turf & Field Operations 913-444-0627
Nolan MacGregor Senior Building Engineer 913-912-7562
Casey Montgomery Groundskeeper ----------
Alex Peters Groundskeeper ----------
Bruce Robertson Building Engineer ----------
Derek Scheloski Building Services Coordinator 913-912-7662
Ryan Smith Event Services Coordinator 913-912-7507
David Ficklin VP of Development 913-648-9211
Andrea Kimball VP and General Counsel 816-949-1205
John Moncke VP of Stadium & Brand Revenue 913-951-3566
Marty Nevshemal VP of Finance 816-949-1204
Andy Tretiak Chief Marketing Officer 913-387-3420
Ashley Barackman Director of Finance 816-949-1212
David Blakesley People Leader 913-951-3559
Gannon Cornley Lead Systems Manager 816-949-1199
Justin Edge Staff Accountant 816-949-1196
Katie Eichman Club Host 816-949-1285
Matt Hefley Senior Staff Accountant 913-387-3447
Spencer Regier Executive Assistant 913-951-3533
Michael Satterfield Systems Administrator 816-949-1211
Maggie Walters Staff Attorney 913-912-7519
Patrik Bergabo Communications & Digital Manager, Swope Park Rangers 203-300-9927
Jon Farrell Team Administrator, Swope Park Rangers 636-667-0878