Quote Sheet: Kansas City 1, Philadelphia 1

Quotes from Vermes, Conrad, Arnaud, Nielsen; Nowak, Seitz

On the game
“We started off the first ten to fifteen minutes and felt we had the better play, and then all of a sudden the Union were the better team the rest of the half, including getting the goal. We came out the second half, and I felt that we had a different mentality. The great thing about the free kick was scoring because we talk about all the time that we want to frame the goal, to make sure we hit the target. I think Seitz was committed more to the cross and didn’t want it hitting the back of the net. The last ten minutes were pretty wild for both of the teams and anything could happen, it was good for us to be able come back from being down one goal. Once you get a goal scored against you, you usually lose. That percentage is pretty high. The good thing is we came back, and we secured a goal away from home, so we are pretty happy with that.”

On the playoff chase
“They are in reach, not far away. A lot depends on what the results are tonight. We could be few goals away, and anything could happen. We have to maintain the focus on our team. You can't get caught up too much in what everyone else is doing. You just have to focus on yourself. The guys have really started to concentrate on our team and what is happening with us, and I think that’s really great. “

On the game
“I thought for the first ten to fifteen minutes, we did a pretty good job of putting our stamp on the game and letting Philadelphia know that we were coming to play, and then we kinda lost our way for a little bit. I thought Philadelphia had the majority of the touches and created one clear cut chance and they scored on it. I tip my hat to them; it was a good goal. The second half, they had a couple more chances to go in there to get safe. We got that one back, Seitz mis-judged it a bit. Any time guys are supposed to take free kicks, you should frame the goal so that if there’s a lot of traffic running through, then you can make the goalie make a mistake."

On Kansas City's playoff chances
“Right now we need some results to come our way, just to kind of keep us close, but it was a good game for us. There are eight games left, so there are a lot of points left to be scored. It’s still in our hands; I’m pretty sure we will be good. We had a good opportunity to overtake San Jose a couple weeks ago, we blew that opportunity, but like I said there are a lot of games this year. We just want to make sure we are putting a lot of heat on the guys that are right there onthe bubble."

On his goal
“[The free kick] was in a good spot and the coaches say from that spot to just hit the ball hard at the far post and to put the ball in a good spot where your guys can go attack it. If nobody touches [the ball] it may have a chance to go through. It went through there untouched and it made the far post.”

On Seitz’s positioning
“Yeah, [Chris] knows where the dangerous area is. I didn’t see what he did on the goal, but it’s tough for goalkeepers from that angle.”

On Kansas City’s performance
“I thought we started off pretty well in the first ten or 15 minutes. After that I feel they took control of the first half, which is a credit to them. They created a few chances and probably deserved to be up 1-0 at halftime, but I thought that our response was good as a team. We came out in the second playing much better and we got the goal at a good time. In the end, there were some chances and we could have gotten three points, but this is not an easy place to play, and they are a very good team. After the first half, we are happy to take a point.”

On the Sons of Ben
“They are good. It is great for the league. We have all seen this stadium on TV, it’s a really nice stadium. The atmosphere is great, which is good and I’m sure these guys enjoy playing it front of every week and we are really looking forward to getting our place next summer and playing in the same atmosphere.”

On the Union goal
“It was a good goal and a good counter attack. They played quick and at that moment of the game they were in control and they did well. They are a good team. We knew before that they were a good passing team and they played very well. We gave them too much space to play in today. Our first half I was unsatisfied. I think we played very bad in the first half. We changed some things at halftime and we came out with a different attitude. I think at the end of the day we got a point and we can be happy with that point.”

On Kansas City’s playoff chances
“Personally I don’t have so much focus on the playoff. It sounds boring, I know, but I take it one game at a time. Next game, I don’t even know who we are playing next game, but that is the game that needs all of our focus. Not so much on the playoffs.”

On halftime adjustments
“We wanted to press them high on the field and win the ball their on their half instead of always winning the ball on our back four. It is a long distance to their goal and we want to win it high on the field and I think in the second half we did a better job of that.”

On the game
“I think we all feel that we were supposed to win this game.  There is no question about it.  We controlled for 70 minutes.  We were in the position to score more goals when the second half started. It is disappointing.” 

On Chris Seitz and the goal 
“When you are in a crucial moment, you need to be there for the team. He is in a position. They were on the sideline and it is just like a catch. He should make the save. On the other side, we could have scored on other chances where we can score goals.  When you have control for 70 minutes, that is what the goalkeeper is for. To make a save.  I don’t care if it is the sun or a shadow. You need to move your feet and make a save.  We have to score goals and we have to prevent the goals.”

On Justin Mapp
“Justin has had a good couple of games.  It was good to give him minutes but you have to remember we have 3 games in 7 days.”

On team’s form 
“We are going into the right direction.  We have confidence right now to bring us forward.”  

On missing out on three points 
“I feel like we let one go. We obviously got ready for the game. We played good ball. The guys deserve a lot of credit today. We played very well.  I’m looking forward to the next game.”

On the goal 
“It was a situation where they would probably play a ball in. I was in a good position for that case. Caught me off guard.  He hit a heck of a ball.” 

On putting more in the wall on the goal
“No. It was almost even with the six out wide.  We didn’t need more than we had.  It was one I personally need to do better on.”  

On the overall game 
“We can look at our defense and how we worked as a whole team. There were definitely some bright spots today.”