Black & Veatch growSTEM Initiative with Sporting KC

Through STEM education, an opportunity to grow the next generation of problem solvers

Our lives are shaped by science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The professionals at global engineering and construction company Black & Veatch use these academic disciplines – routinely called “STEM” -- every day to improve the lives of millions of people, making them safer and more connected.

Through innovative partnerships with influential organizations like Sporting Kansas City, Black & Veatch is strengthening its commitment to STEM education and to growing the next generation of critical thinkers whose solutions will power the world of the future.

Black & Veatch is teaming up with Sporting Kansas City for the 2015-2019 MLS seasons to promote STEM education to students in the Kansas City, Kansas, school district through the company’s new growSTEM initiative. In 2015, the partnership includes summer camps for Kansas City, Kansas district middle school students. With appearances by Sporting Kansas City players and help from mentors and engineering experts from Black & Veatch, each camp will offer STEM-related curriculum, highlighted by a challenge specifically focused on SKC.

The camps offer young people a fun and exciting environment. By tackling engineering elements in the design of Sporting Park, students will learn how STEM concepts connect the world around us.

“Teaming up with Sporting KC is a wonderful opportunity to promote the value of a STEM education to even more young people,” says Steve Edwards, Chairman and CEO of Black & Veatch. “Together, our organizations can deliver on a commitment to equip students with the critical reasoning skills needed to solve the energy, water and telecommunications problems of the future.”

Stoking the passions of future leaders will be critical to meeting the world’s estimated $40 trillion in infrastructure demands over the next three decades. It’s why Black & Veatch has placed STEM education outreach at the center of its philanthropic goals, and why it is crucial to bring STEM to as many young people as possible – wherever they learn and play.

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