Associate Directory


For general inquiries, please use the contact information below.

  • Phone toll free: 1-888-4KC-GOAL  (1-888-452-4625)
  • Phone local: 1-913-387-3400
Executive Leadership    
Jake Reid President & CEO 913.951.3552
Gregg Allen Chief Sales Officer 913.951.3558
Alan Dietrich Chief Operating Officer 913.951.3531
Marty Nevshemal Chief Financial Officer & IT 816.949.1204
Rob Thomson Chief Communications Officer 913.387.3405
John Moncke Executive Vice President, Stadium Revenue 913.951.3566
Aaron Borns Vice President, Marketing 816.949.1214
Jordan Kelsey Vice President, Ticket Sales 913.387.3426
Andrea Kimball Vice President & General Counsel 816.949.1205
Daniel Lolli Vice President, Operations 913.912.7502
Dan Popik Vice President, Youth Soccer  
Nikki Romolo Vice President, Hospitality 913.951.3579
David Blakesley Director, People Operations 913.951.3559
Ashley Koehn Director, Accounting 816.949.1212
Derek Ferguson Director, IT 816.949.1199
Ashley Green Director, Community Programs  
Isaac Borer Systems Administrator, IT 816.949.1211
Lexi Brady Coordinator, Community Programs  
Maggie Duggan Senior People Coordinator 913.912.7665
Dawn Dysart Paralegal & Contract Manager 913.912.7519
Matt Hefley Senior Staff Accountant 913.387.3447
Jason Samuelsen Club Host 816.949.1285
Carolyn Strumillo Executive Assistant to the President & CEO 816.949.1201
Brandon Roberts Accountant 816.949.1196
Kurt Austin Director, Communications 816.949.1197
Patrik Bergabo Communications & Digital Coordinator  
Sam Kovzan Communications & Digital Coordinator  
Corporate Partnerships    
Stacy Gewecke Associate Director, Partnership Marketing 913.387.3418
Jon Moses Senior Director, Corporate Partnership Sales  
Tyler Albregts Account Manager, Partnership Marketing  
Tatum Cornelius Coordinator, Partnership Marketing 816.949.1219
Melanie Holt Business Development Manager 816.949.1208
Boomer Jenkins Business Intelligence Strategist  
Will Patterson Senior Business Development Manager 816.686.1690
Nate Peterson Senior Business Development Manager  
Kellen Smith Account Manager, Partnership Marketing  
Erin Vierzba Senior Account Manager, Partnership Marketing  
Lynda Camara Administrative Coordinator, Hospitality  
Selena Corpuz Director, Sporting Club Events 913.912.7517
Laura Dale Manager, Event Experience  
Greg Esenberg Director, Food Experience  
Sarah Hooper Sales Coordinator, Sporting Club Events  
Sara Kluba Senior Manager, Event Experience  
Joe Lanning Sous Chef  
Dwayne Lovingood Concessions Coordinator, Warehouse and Distribution 913.912.7582
Meghan Malone Staffing Coordinator, Hospitality 913.912.7573
Michelle Martins Sales Manager, Sporting Club Events  
Caitlin Ogren Manager, Hospitality  
Kylie Perkins Sales Manager, Sporting Club Events  
Ashley Pettigrew Sales Manager, Concessions 913.912.7616
Kristi Templeton Manager, Event Experience  
Kevin Williams Sous Chef 913.912.7581
Kaley Hattrup Director, Marketing  
Brad Mertel Director, Broadcast and Video  
Chad Reynolds Creative Director  
Chris Smith Director, Marketing Strategy  
Carter Augustine Broadcaster/Video Specialist  
Jacob Allison Web Developer  
Chris Behrens Manager, Fan Data & Insights  
Jordan Borel Video Producer & Editor  
Olivia Brestal Manager, Social Media  
Blake McFarland Manager, Match Presentation & Fan Development  
Alex Mejia Video Producer & Editor  
Cortney Park Designer  
Nate Saathoff Designer  
Jake Smith Video Producer & Editor  
Stephen Waugh Video Producer & Editor  
Maddy Yost Junior Designer  
Membership Services    
Zachary Mayer Director, Membership Services 913.387.3889
Jason Cannito Senior Memerbship Services Executive 913.387.3421
Devan Dignan Manager, Premium Memberships 913.387.3427
Sam Lane Senior Membership Services Executive 913.951.3536
Jayme McLean Manager, Suite Sales 913.951.3563
Wilson Temple Senior Membership Services Executive 913.387.3414
Eric Wolf Membership Services Executive 913.387.3406
Josh Blackford Director, Event Operations 913.912.7605
Nolan MacGregor Director, Facility Operations 913.912.7562
Evelia Cortes Facility Services Attendant, Pinnacle  
Olivia Diehl Manager, Fan Services 913.912.7511
Matthew Fucaloro Senior Manager, SPR Operations 913.912.7676
Alec Graves Manager, Facility Services 913.912.7662
Isaias Herrera Lead Facility Services Attendant  
Bryan Hickey Coordinator, Event Operations  
Olivia Hopkins Facility Services Attendant, Pinnacle  
Sergio Loeza Facility Services Attendant  
Blake Owen Facility Specialty, Children's Mercy Park PT  
Scott Robinette Facility Maintenance Technician  
Nick Sambol Facility Services Technician  
Ryan Smith Manager, Event Operations 913.912.7507
Brennan Wingert Coordinator, Operations  
Rick Dressel General Manager, Pinnacle 913.387.3821
Connor Galloway Operations Coordinator, Pinnacle 913.387.3446
Ian Holt Operations Attendant, Pinnacle  
Chet North Director, Sports Lab & Research 913.387.3840
Sporting Fields + Athletics    
Chris Boyajian Senior Manager, Sporting Fields + Athletics  
Nick Barbalato Facilities Manager, Sporting Fields + Athletics  
Mason Brightbill Operations Coordinator, Sporting Fields + Athletics  
Nic Guess Operations Coordinator, Sporting Fields + Athletics  
Sporting Style    
Megan Dodd Director, Retail Sales 913.912.7556
Alex Lawrence Director, Soccer Sales  
Thomas Earle Manager, Retail Operations 913.912.7555
Jared Stilger Coordinator, Retail Operations  
Ticket Sales / Ticket Operations    
Jordan Fitzpatrick Director, Ticket Operations  
Neo Saxena Manager, Ticket Operations  
Brad Folcher Sales Associate 913.951.3557
Justin  Madsen Account Executive 913.387.3441
Derek Thompson Manager, Ticket Sales 913.951.3567
Michael Tjaden Sales Associate 816.949.1191
Naman Wajid Account Executive 816.949.1206
Turf & Field Operations    
Casey Montgomery Director, Turf Operations  
Enrique Bordallo Assistant Groundskeeper, Swope Soccer Village  
Andrew King Assistant Groundskeeper, Pinnacle  
Ryan Kaufman Assistant Groundskeeper, Pinnacle  
Alex Peters Groundskeeper, Children's Mercy Park  
Joseph Robertson Groundskeeper, Wyandotte Sporting Fields  
Christian Schoolcraft Assistant Groundskeeper, Children's Mercy Park  
Youth Soccer    
Chioma Atanmo Manager, Competitions  
Courtney Claassen Community Affairs & Communications Coordinator, Youth Soccer  
Tyler McManus Leader, Youth Programs 913.387.3883
Alec Smith Coordinator, Competitions  
Ryan Wells Coordinator, Youth Soccer  
Brennan Williams Manager, Youth Programs  
Sporting KC Technical Staff    
Peter Vermes Manager & Sporting Director 913.387.3826
Zoran Savic Assistant Coach 913.387.3836
Kerry Zavagnin Assistant Coach 913.387.3824
Alec Dufty Goalkeeper Coach 913.387.3828
Kurt Andrews Director, Sports Medicine 913.387.3831
Brian Bliss Technical Director & Vice President, Player Personnel 913.387.3827
Edward Burleson Player Identification  
Meghan Cameron Assistant Director, Player Personnel 913.387.3829
Mike Flaherty Director, Equipment Operations 913.387.3835
Joey Harty Assistant Fitness Coach  
Santiago Hirsig Talent Identification Director, South America  
Satoshi Iida Assistant Athletic Trainer  
Sam Jaksen Assistant Equipment Manager  
Khalid Jones Team Massage Therapist  
Sead Karaselimovic Talent Identification Director, Eastern Europe  
Betsy Maxfield Director, Player Care  
Istvan Urbanyi Talent Identification Director, Global  
Ashley Wallace Performance Analyst 913.387.3440
Chris Wolbert Team Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Coordinator  
Swope Park Rangers Technical Staff    
Paulo  Nagamura Head Coach, Swope Park Rangers  
Chris Martinez Assistant Coach, Swope Park Rangers  
Jake Brownback Assistant Athletic Trainer  
James Collins Assistant Fitness Coach, Swope Park Rangers  
Andy Garay Assistant Equipment Manager, Swope Park Rangers  
Ross Cain Goalkeeper Coach, Swope Park Rangers  
Academy Technical Staff    
Jon Parry Academy Director  
Gavin McInerney Goalkeeper Coach, Academy  
Colby Childress Academy Coach  
Joe Gentuso Assistant Equipment Manager, Academy  
Declan Jogi Academy Coach  
Rumbani Munthali Academy Coach  
Chris O'Neal Academy Coach  
Luis Pacheco Academy Coach  
Michel Ribeiro Academy Technical Training Coach  
Michael Steidle Academy Fitness Coach  
Team Administration Technical Staff    
Jon Farrell Team Administrator 913.387.3413
Diego Acuna Assistant Team Administrator, Academy  
Katie Eichman Assistant Team Administrator, Academy  
Wan Kuzac Wan Kamal Assistant Team Administrator, Swope Park Rangers