The Members Stand in Children's Mercy Park is both a section in the stadium and a state of mind. Home to the most vocal supporters of Sporting Kansas City, the Members Stand is the place for those who want to stand, sing and cheer in support of the boys in blue.  

The team's ardent supporters groups, including the KC Cauldron, will be located behind the north goal and along the east touch line at the team's new stadium in the Members Stand. On gamedays, supporters will enter the section through the Members Club and join the other 1,999 Sporting faithful.

The Cauldron is the section in Children's Mercy Park known as the Member Stand. We are the 12th, 13th, and 14th man of Sporting KC. Our goal is to support the boys in blue with our voices for 90+ minutes a game. Are you ready to not just watch but participate in the match? Then come join us. For more information about the KC Cauldron, including gameday activities, road game trips, and other Sporting service opportunities, please contact us or visit our Facebook and Twitter.


La Barra KC

We are a Supporters group of die-hard fans of Sporting KC.  We aim to keep the Member’s Stand (North Stand) section of the stadium packed with supporters with the help of other supporters organizations. We stand united for the love of soccer as a single entity without racial prejudice. La Barra KC expects a great deal of mutual respect from its members and towards the community in general. We aim to have a group of exemplary soccer followers that are willing to extend their hands to other supporters. The objectives for the organization is to bring people from all walks of life together during soccer games and promote the game of soccer through watch parties as well as  gatherings before, during, and after the games.

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Brookside Elite

The Brookside Elite (BSE), officially founded in 2009, traces it lineage back to the original days of the KC Wiz and the early stages of Major League Soccer.  The BSE began as a small group with a shared passion for soccer and the love of our great city. We have since grown much larger and become a recognizable entity within The Cauldron. The BSE's philanthropic ventures feature the founder of 'Beer Pong For Babies' benefiting the March of Dimes as well as heavy group participation in 'Movember' which raises vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. The BSE are avid tailgaters with many years of experience. This experience can be witnessed week in and week out before all Sporting matches. We know we are, we're sure we are.. we're Wizards 'til we die.

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Mass St. Mob

The University of Kansas is renown for their extraordinary fans cheering for Jayhawk basketball. We pitch tents and camp just to see the Hawks. The Mass Street Mob harnesses that powerful energy and applies it to the greatest soccer team, Sporting Kansas City. This Lawrence-based fan club loves being mixed in the KC Cauldron because there's no better place to be. You don't need a Bachelor's degree to figure that out.

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King City Yardbirds

The King City Yardbirds derived their name from Kansas City jazz legend Charlie Parker's nickname and the 60s English Rock band that started the careers of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page. The majority of the group are illuminati lizard people from the void known to constantly remind others that El Caminos were built in Kansas City, however not exclusively. A dictionary definition of the word yardbird describes one as a soldier assigned to a menial task, possibly as punishment for violation of the rules. This explanation fits this supporters group perfectly. Officially formed in 2008, the Yardbirds core group have been friends for many years and have bled blue since they gained cognitive ability. Anyone is welcome to join, the best way is to attend a tailgate and bring beer.

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Omaha Boys

The long tradition of Omahans supporting Kansas City teams continues through the Omaha Boys, the independent Sporting Kansas City supporters group in Omaha, Nebraska. This merry band of misfits make organize pilgrimages to the Blue Hell on a semi-regular basis and host watch parties for nationally televised matches in Omaha. If you're from Omaha or the surrounding areas and you bleed Sporting blue, we're the SG for you!

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Northland Noise

Northland Noise Supporters Group (NNSG) was founded in the first half of the 2012 MLS season. We formed with the purpose of bringing the loyal Northland fans of Sporting Kansas City together for tailgate events, away game watch parties, and to meet other like minded fans from our area of town. 

We are a family friendly supporters group.  The majority of us are season ticket holders who stand in the Members Stand at home games.  But if you are not a season ticket holder, or like to sit in other parts of Children's Mercy Park, we won't hold that against you, just so long as you are a loyal fan and from the Northland, we would love to have you. 

If you are a fan of Sporting KC and live in Clay or Platte counties, join us as we support our boys in blue.

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Ladies of SKC

When Ladies of SKC was created, it was never meant to be a supporters group. We started off with the intent of providing a social experience outside of the walls of Children's Mercy Park to grow the game amongst women in Kansas City and this social group has exploded in the short six months it’s been around. Now we have a group of women and men who love SKC and who have helped build community in and around Children's Mercy Park. We sit in the Cauldron, the East Stands, the West Stands, the South Stands, the Supporters Shield- you’ll find us everywhere. We have Ladies out of town and across the country. Our main focus is to grow the game, to build community and to support our SKC family however we can. If it’s through volunteering, we’re in. If it’s through happy hours, done. If it’s through watch parties, we’ve got that covered. Pick up games and you need another girl? Yup, we can play and cheer. Seriously, we love to have fun, we like to meet new people and we want to help make Kansas City and Children's Mercy Park the place to be a soccer fan.

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K.C. Futbol Misfits

Started in 2008 by a 96'er and his close friends, we welcome all who are passionate about Sporting KC. Taken from the iconic punk band, their name describes its members nicely. This raucous group likes to have a good time & has been known to push the envelope. Energetic & vocal with a "never say die" attitude is what this supporter's group are all about.... and we like to party!

Designed to serve as an umbrella supporters club for fans in the South Stand, we encourage and help facilitate affiliate groups to form with their own personalities and character. The South Stand SC spans sections 115 through 122 and provides an ideal area to support topflight soccer: close to the action, chair back seats, year-round shade, a family friendly environment, but still as passionate as our partners in blue to the north. The general admission seating provides flexibility for friends and families to move around and find just that right spot at a competitive cost.You can be a season ticket holder or just come for one game. The South Stand will welcome you.

The Wedge

The Wedge, named for the shape of Section 115 where we reside, is designed to give vocal fans in the South Stands a passionate family-friendly experience. While it's not 'standing-only' like the Cauldron, we tend to stand and cheer during runs and corner kicks. We also have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of fun extras which may include waving flags, tossing streamers, showing off a variety of posters, and overhead banners. So join us for the next home match. Just make sure to bring your spirit, your signs, and your blue! The Wedge will always be full of friendly smiles of all ages.

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Ad Astra KC

Ad Astra SKC was established in 2011 with the opening of Children's Mercy Park to combine effective social media support in addition to the classic role of supporters: tailgating, loud cheering, and philanthropy.  You can find Ad Astra SKC near the Wedge in 115. Tailgating happens before select games.  Our cheers are all positive and family friendly given the large number of children in the South Stand. Kids are great at yelling! We also established the Goals for Good program which helps fans pledge money to local charities for each Sporting Kansas City goal at home! Check out our blog for more information.

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American Outlaws - Kansas City Chapter

Founded in 2008 by Chris Donahoo, Kansas City was the first official AO Chapter. Since then, AOKC has grown to 100+ members. AOKC has a strong presence at all USMNT games as well as Sporting KC games.

One of the most well known chapters in the nation, AOKC sends some of the most passionate and fiery fans to WCQ's, friendlies, and Gold Cup games.

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