Wizards manager Peter Vermes said the club is "trying like crazy" to secure Omar Bravo.
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Quote Sheet: Kansas City 4, San Jose 1

On Birahim Diop's three-goal performance

“The man can finish. There's no doubt. The unfortunate aspect is that tonight was an indication of what this team can do on a regular basis. There could have been a few other goals there, as well. But it's nice to see us finish, not only chances but also finish a team off as well. I thought that from the opening whistle, all the new starters on the field played very well, and they took their opportunities well. That was very pleasing.”

On the mentality heading into the offseason
“Even before this game, the thing I was most positive about is that I think we built something into this year, starting from preseason all the way through. I think I’ve talked about the weapons we have. I feel comfortable that the guys have a very good foundation for that. Ending off like this, it puts a good taste in your mouth going into the offseason, and then get ready for the start of next season. There's still something that chaps me and that is I think we're good enough to be a playoff team right now. I think we missed our mark. I take responsibility for that. We just need to better next year. We have the horses to do that, for sure.”

On leaving CommunityAmerica Ballpark
“This has been a good place for us, but I think everyone is excited every time they ride past that new stadium. Every day more and more goes up. It's almost like a dream come true. You're just waiting to wake up and see it finally done and be in there. I think the guys are excited about that. It's going to be a big help to us.”

On Eric Kronberg's performance in his 1st MLS game
“I think he was fantastic. He was good. I think his distribution in the second half was fantastic with his arm. It was very good. I thought he was very good on air balls, crosses and things like that in set pieces. He was very solid in the game tonight.”

On playing Kronberg
“I said to him earlier this week when I told him he was getting the start that it was our intention to give him a lot more opportunities. But we were chasing points all season long so it was very difficult to change things up. I give him credit because he comes to work every day, and he deserved this. Just like in the game against Man-U when he came in the second half, he was very solid. I'm happy for him.”

On the game

“I am feeling great. You know it was nice to come out there and do it for ourselves and for the fans. So I feel great about it. The fans have been so good all year. We love playing for them.”

On his 3rd goal
“I think that was a beautiful goal. I saw the ‘keeper come out, and I thought I should shoot it. And, you know, it worked out.

On if tonight’s performance tops the New England game
“Yeah, for sure. I've been looking for that chance to show people I can do it. When the chance came, I took it. It was a lot of fun.”

On ending the season with a win

“It's definitely better than losing the last game. At the end of the day, all we could do was come out and try to have a good performance and try to win the game. Try to send the fans away into the offseason with a good feeling. I think we did that.”

On Diop’s performance
“I’m excited for him, happy for him. He likes it here. He's scored quite a few goals here, and his third goal tonight was a great goal. Diop is a great guy, and he's great to have in the locker room. So I'm happy when good things happen to good people.”

On the game

“I look at it that I want to contribute to the team in any way that I can. If it’s being Jimmy's backup, then it’s being Jimmy's backup the best I can be. Every day I try to come in and train hard and contribute and improve. It's finally nice to get a game and hopefully I get a few more in the future.”

On his first career MLS start
“I was definitely excited all week for this opportunity. I thought I was ready, but for the most part, I had a lot of excitement and relief that I got to play.”

On the game

“We had some bright spots in the game, but as a general performance, it was poor for us. We’ve been really difficult to break down away from home, but tonight we seemed pretty easy.  We didn’t really get grips for the conditions, and Kansas City looked more dangerous than us.”

On if the team was looking ahead to the playoffs
“You would have to ask the players, but from a coaching staff we try to win the game.  We prepared them exactly the same that we have all season, and we play to win.  Getting beat 4-1 never feels good.  I thought we looked poor tonight for us.”

On whether this game would make him reconsider playoff tactics
“We had a good game on Wednesday; we won 3-0. Some guys played well in that game. It is about getting it right for our playoff games. Our matchup looks like it is New York. We just need to get ready for it. We know how they look; we played the quite recently. With their player acquisitions, they are going to be tough to beat, but hopefully we can get a home victory in the first game and then see what happens in the second game.”

On leading the Budweiser Golden Boot race

“It is a complete honor. If I was a betting man, I would say that Buddle would score two tomorrow, and even one catches me. I greatly appreciate my team though. They have put some amazing balls in, and even tonight’s goal.  There was a great ball by Geo(vanni) and a great ball by Ryan (Johnson) to put him in. We’ve had a lot of team goals, so I really appreciate them and what they have done.”

On the game getting out of hand
“I think it just snow balled. We are a team that if we don’t put our hard hats on early and tackle and do the little things, then we are going to get beat like that. I felt like to the man everyone didn’t do the little things. We didn’t make the easy pass, the tackles, and we didn’t win our fifty-fifties.”

On if San Jose was playing cautiously to stay healthy
“Once the whistle blows, it’s a game. If you have that mentality, you usually do end up getting hurt.  You just have to go out and play it like any other game.”

On pulling back the goal and feeling like they could make a run at the game
“I definitely thought we could make a run, but then five minutes after that we were definitely pushing and Diop hit a wonder strike, and they get the momentum right back.  It is a funny game like that, but you need to put away your chances when you can.”

On a potential matchup against New York
“It certainly looks like we are going to play New York, but our work will be cut out no matter who we play, and we are just going to have to do the little things.”

On the game

“We knew what we had to do. We pride ourselves on working hard every game, and we wanted to end this season right going into the playoffs. Unfortunately what happened tonight was completely wrong.”

On Kansas City’s first goal
“It was just a ball that is hit over the top, and he’s quick. I thought it was going to run a bit longer, and so you make the decision early that it is going to run long. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t and when it bounces it is outside the box, he’s got an open header. You are just hoping that he hits me with it. You are jumping and hoping that he either misses or it hits you at that point. You make that split second decision, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Tonight you look back, and say I should have stayed, but other times I have gotten a piece of it.”

On playing the Red Bulls
“It’s about us. We have to get our mental state sorted and get ready. It doesn’t matter who it is, it’s the playoffs. If we come out and play like that, it is going to be a start to the finish there. We just have to sort ourselves out and get back to the way that we play soccer. We did it the couple games before this one, but this one you just have to throw away.”