Download the 2013 eCal Schedule

#SKCNation, you can now download the 2013 Sporting Kansas City schedule to your mobile device! Powered by eCal, the application works for all smart phones no matter what platform you patron - iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, or Windows (in no particular order). The only way you aren't benefiting from this savvy tool is if you're still using your pink Razor from 2005 (not that there's anything wrong with that). 

So, if you thought this feature was cool last year, get ready to have your mind blown. Us communications staffers just downloaded the eCal's onto our respective smart phones this morning and it took a mere 60 seconds or less. Now we each have all of Sporting Kansas City's preseason match dates and regular season games logged on our personal calendars without performing any manual labor. Not to mention, there is an automatic reminder 24 hours prior to each big match. However, being out at Sporting Park daily makes it hard to forget Sporting Kansas City’s game schedule, so for us, having our match schedule isn't even the greatest part of the eCal sync. Rather, My eCal becomes a one-stop shop for everything Sporting Kansas City.  

When you click on an event, there will be a notes section in which you will find direct links to buy tickets, watch the match live, check out the newest fashion @sportingstyle and see how your MLS Fantasy team is doing against the competition. What are you waiting for, get to click here now to download your eCal. The application is also available through Sporting Kansas City's official Facebook page.