Eric Kronberg talks Twitter, nicknames & KC

Goalkeeper Eric Kronberg is fresh off a shutout victory over Real Esteli in the CONCACAF Champions League. The longest tenured Sporting KC player spoke with me about his love for Kansas City, nicknames and Twitter. 

JS: Give your life a movie title.

EK: For my life? Castaway.

JS: And who would play you in that movie?

EK: Sean Connery

JS: If Jimmy Nielsen is the “White Puma” and Jon Kempin is “Big Kempin," who is Eric Kronberg?

EK: I can’t give myself a nickname, who does that?!

JS: Ok then, what would the fans say?

EK: The fans have given me many nicknames. Kroney, which is popular. Kronic, which is also popular. Those are the two big ones. I just can’t give myself a nickname, that’s not cool.

JS: Fans love your tweets. Give these three tweeters the bronze, silver, and gold medal: You, Kei Kamara and Dom Dwyer.

EK: That’s tough. I like Kei’s tweets. Dom used to tweet too much, but he’s gotten better about that. I’ll give Kei the gold, me the silver and Dom will take the bronze.

JS: Scenario: You’re getting your own Ben & Jerry’s flavor of ice cream. What’s it called and what’s in it?

EK: Wow, okay. It’s called…the Kronk Block. And it’s got blueberries and it’s vanilla. So it’s kind of got that Sporting KC color.

JS: Okay, it’s almost back to school season. What kind of student were you?

EK: I was a decent student. I feel like now that I’m out of school, I like learning more. I was a pretty hard worker, but also a pretty hard player.

JS: Following that, if you could be the teacher of any course, that you know the most about, what would it be?

EK: Ancient aliens. *laughs*

JS: Last year, we did this Q&A with Jimmy Nielsen and he said he used his goalkeeper gloves to pick up dog poop. What else are those good for?

EK: Washing dishes, yard work like pulling weeds, and other stuff like that.

JS: You are the longest tenured player on the team, what about Kansas City do you love so much?

EK: The people. Number one answer.

JS: What is something you’re embarrassed you know too much about?

EK: Real Housewives. It’s my wife’s fault.

JS: Mizzou or Kansas?

EK: K-State. My wife went there, so I’ve got to support the Wildcats.

JS: Finally, give yourself supreme responsibility over something involving the team. As in, Eric Kronberg, Team __________.

EK: Well last year, I was the team travel agent. I gave out pamphlets of each city we went to because I was injured and couldn’t do much else. This year…Team Badass.