Alma Mater Quiz: Mikey Lopez (North Carolina)

Some say your college years are the most memorable years of your life. We put that to the test on a few of the players. In part one of four, Mikey Lopez is on the spot to see just how much he knows about his alma mater.

Jamila St. Ann: Mikey Lopez, where did you go to school? (1 point)

Mikey Lopez: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

JS: What is your mascot and what is your mascot’s name? (2 points)

ML: We’re the Tar Heels, it’s a ram, and his name is Rameses. Rameses the Ram.

JS: What are your official colors? (1 point)

ML: Carolina Blue and White.

JS: What year was UNC established? (1 point)

ML: Oy! I want to say…1896?

JS: *buzzer noise* 1789.

ML: Oh. Wow.

JS: What was the date of your first goal and who was it against? (2 points)

ML: My first goal was…August…let me see… I want to say August 30th or 31st against Oregon State.

JS: Half right! September 2nd, against Oregon State.

JS: What is the title of your fight song? (2 points)

ML: Hark the Sound.

JS: I have “I’m a Tar Heel Born”

ML: We sing “Hark the Sound” and then we go into “I’m a Tar Heel Born”!

JS: I’m going to have to look into that one for points…

(After further review, “Hark the Sound” is ruled as the title of the alma mater. “I’m a Tar Heel Born” is the official title of the fight song. The two are ruled as separate. No points, Mikey.)

JS: Bonus points now if you can sing it. (BONUS 5)


JS: UNC and Maryland, rival schools, play each other once this season. When, and give me a prediction for the matchup. (Bonus 0 points)

ML: This year, I want to say they play them in October. Nope they play them in September. *laughs* It’s Duke we play in October, October 4th. It’s one of the last weeks in September.

JS: September 13th. Give me a score line for the match.

ML: I’ll say we’ll win 2-1.

JS: Okay. I’m going to ask (Graham Zusi, Maryland alum) the same question…

ML: Haha, should be good!