Alma Mater Quiz: Benny Feilhaber (UCLA)

Some say your college years are the most memorable years of your life. We put that to the test on a few of the players. In part three of four, Benny Feilhaber is up to see what he recalls about his alma mater.

Jamila St. Ann: Benny Feilhaber, where did you go to school? (1 point)

Benny Feilhaber: UCLA.

JS: What is your mascot and what is your mascot’s name? (2 points)

BF: It’s a Bruin. And the name of the mascot? I bet if you told me, I’d know…

JS: Sure, but this is about you remembering.

BF: I’m not going to remember…Bruin the Bear?

JS: His name is Joe. And the female mascot is Josephine.

BF: Joe Bruin? Yeah, I definitely did not know that.

JS: What year was UCLA established? I’ll accept two different answers. (1 point)

BF: What year was UCLA established?! *exaggerated sigh* Uh…19…am I in the right century?

JS: Yup.

BF: …19…

Molly Dreska, from the side: Stop! You got it.

BF: 1900?

JS: No, 1919. I’ll give that to you…

BF: Oh haha! I was seriously going to guess around the 1920s or ‘30s. So I was going to be close.

JS: What are your official colors? (1 point)

BF: Blue and gold? That has got to be close enough.

JS: Everybody else has said their officially listed colors. It’s UCLA Blue and California Gold.

BF: C’mon. You’ve got to give me full credit for that! I mean, “California Gold”?

JS: We’ll see…upon further review. What was the date of your first goal and who was it against? (2 points)

BF: Me? The date? I know it was against Portland.

JS: Yup. You’re good. Everyone else has been really close on this…

BF: It must have been…August? September. September…5th. 2003?

JS: September 21.

BF: Wow, when does the season start? I thought the season started in like, August.

JS: How many career goals did you get? (1 point)

BF: Career goals I got…seven.

JS: Seven career goals? Like, in total?

BF: In college? Yeah, it was seven. I got two my freshman year and five my sophomore. I only had two years there.

JS: Oh…okay…I guess I got this one wrong. UCLA’s website says 19…

BF: Maybe assists? No, not even assists. Points maybe. Nineteen points maybe.

JS: I’ll have to go back on this one.

BF: Well it was definitely seven goals though. So you’ve got to give me points on the colors question since you were wrong on this one!

JS: Okay, I’ll go back and we’ll see…

(Upon further review, Benny had 19 Games Started, and seven career goals. Due to this error, Benny, you’re awarded 1 bonus point.)

JS: Lastly, what is the title of your fight song? (2 points)

BF: The fight song? Uh…the Might Bruins?

JS: You technically have two, so that answer works. Bonus points (5 points) if you can sing me any of it.

BF: You want me to sing it?

JS: Yeah. If you’re really enthusiastic, you get the points.

BF: Alright. It goes: