Alma Mater Quiz: Graham Zusi (Maryland)

Some say your college years are the most memorable years of your life. We put that to the test on a few of the players. In the conclusion of this four part series, Graham Zusi is on hand to see if he can conjure up memories about his alma mater.

Jamila St. Ann: Graham Zusi, where did you go to school? (1 point)

Graham Zusi: College?

JS: Yes, college.

GZ: *laughs* University of Maryland

JS: What is your mascot and what is your mascot’s name? (2 points)

GZ: A terrapin and his name is Testudo.

JS: What are your official colors? (1 point)

GZ: Red, black, and yellow. And white, I guess. The state flag.

JS: Yup.

JS: What year was it established? (1 point)

GZ: The University?

JS: Yes.

GZ: I remember seeing it on the wall…um…18..56.

JS: Yeah! You’re the first one who’s gotten it! What was the date of your first goal and who was it against? (2 points)

GZ: Gosh. It was against Cal State Fullerton. Hmm…August 28th.

JS: September 2nd.

GZ: *exasperated shout*

JS: How many career goals did you have? (1 point)

GZ: Um…28?

JS: Yeah!

GZ: Yeah!

JS: How many assist did you have? (1 point)

GZ: … 20.

JS: Oh my gosh.

GZ: Is that right?!

JS: Yes! You’re crushing it right now…Last question, what is your fight song title? (2 points)

GZ: Uh…hold on. Gosh, what is the name of it? That’s embarrassing. I’m most embarrassed that I don’t know the title.

JS: It’s ‘Maryland Victory Song’. Bonus points (5 points) if you can sing–

GZ: *starts singing over me, love the enthusiasm*