Quotes: Sporting KC 1-2 LA Galaxy - April 18, 2015


On the play of Kansas City tonight:
"I thought we were resilient in the fact that we got back into the game pretty quickly. Sometimes it is not easy when the other team scores, you want to check the reaction, I thought our reaction was very good. We figured out how to get back in the game and I thought we played actually pretty well most of the game, I think the second half they dominated a little more, I think the first half we did, but the second half they were a little more dominant."

On the late LA Galaxy goal:
"There is no doubt that ball wasn't going in, obviously sometimes stuff like that happens. I thought the guys battled for the time they had so it is unfortunate we are leaving out of here without anything, but that is the way it goes sometimes."

On moving towards the next game:
"The difference with us is that when we go to other people's places we try to play all the time, we don't sit back, we don't bunker in, we don't do that. We are going to keep getting better because of that as the season goes on. You have to be able to play if you are going to get results, and we just have to make sure we are staying focused on doing that."


On tonight's game:
"I think that is the frustrating part about it, the way we played the first half, and the way we were not able to finish the game. It's frustrating not to walk away with anything. I am not in a position to comment on who outplayed each other, but they were able to find a way to get three points so we have to give them credit for that. We have to move on and continue to get better and continue to get stronger as a team."
On the physical play tonight:
"Honestly I thought it was a normal game. They threw a lot of numbers forward there towards the end and they were trying to pick up second balls, so for me I didn't think it was overly physical."


On the goal:
"It was a good build up, Dominic [Dwyer] did really well there to hold the ball for us and he gave me a good ball, Krisztian [Nemeth] made a really good run and a great finish. It was a good team goal, something that is nice to see because we have been missing a little bit of that over the first few games of the year, but it is starting to come together. It was nice for our team to combine like that."
On the flow of the game:
"They scored a goal early, which obviously wasn't in the plan for us, but we were able to capitalize and get that goal back quickly. I thought we did a really good job in the first half, even after that goal to still press them, and I think we got some really good chances off of that, and limited theirs. It was a very good response after their goal."

On the goal at the end:
"I think it is about the lack of how we, we didn't play in the second half, especially the back end of the second half as we did in the first and that is something that we knew coming in. On a big pitch, with the way they play, you have to hold the ball or else you are going to start getting tired and eventually give up chances, and I think that is what eventually happened. We have to try and learn from this and be able to keep possession in difficult situations and improve our endurance towards the end of the game to not give up set pieces."
On the game:
"When you play hard and hang in there, once in a while you get a little bit lucky and the ball bounces your way. We've been on the short end of those a few times. I think things balance out. I think our second half we played better. We were much more aggressive, competed a little bit better, our game was a little bit better. On the night I think we played well considering a little bit of a makeshift lineup. I'm real pleased with our players. We've played two games in a row without Robbie Keane, and tonight not starting with Omar [Gonzalez] and Gyasi [Zardes] and getting a result is very impress."

On Bradford Jamieson's first start:
"A player who played with a lot of convinced. He was aggressive. We told him that when in doubt run. His pace, I think, was a factor in the game. We lacked a little of speed, so having him in the lineup was important. At the end of the game, him and Gyasi, they were threats. They put Kansas City on their heels at times. It was a pretty impressive game for him."

On the team's performance:
"I think we did good. This league is a unique league in the fact that every game is a battle. Teams are pretty even in MLS. Any time you win a game, you have to take it, especially when it's against a good team like Sporting Kansas City. It's obviously a great result. We were a little bit fortunate at the end, but I think we played really hard. We conditioned ourselves to get a break. We put a lot of pressure on them in the last ten, fifteen minutes and we were lucky that the ball bounced our way."

On Tommy Meyer's performance:
"He did a good job. I think, their goal we made a few mistakes. But on the night, I don't think Jaime [Penedo] was tested a whole lot. I could be wrong, but there were a couple of saves that he had to come off his line. He jumped on some balls. He played behind our line. For the most part, I think we did a good job. They are a good team. The combination of Dwyer up top and Espinoza and Feilhaber-it's a good trio of players and they are dangerous. I think for the most part we did a good job." 

On scoring the game winner:
"Got a corner, the start to the play. Juninho put in a great ball. I was sitting in the back post. The ball came a little bit shorter than I thought it was. I think Gordo flicked it. I'd give him the assist. It went down, closed my eyes, stuck my leg out and it ended up going in. I just wanted to get it on frame. I really did just my leg out. Just trying to get it in there. I scored a goal. It feels good coming in for 15 minutes and score a goal. Can't ask for more than that, I guess, from a sub. I'm just extremely happy because these guys worked their butts off tonight. It was a battle. KC came in here and played well. To be on the other side of this kid of win feels great."

On the Galaxy's performance:
"The guys worked hard. It wasn't easy. They battled. Definitely, in the second half, we came out with a lot more energy. Got around the ball. First half, we weren't getting around the ball as much. We picked it up in the second half. Coach just told me to go in and try to get a goal on a set piece. I just tried to do my job."
On playing Kansas City:
"KC has been a great team for a few years. They put a lot of energy, they put a lot of pressure into the game. They are a really fit team. Now that they've entered the Western Conference, the Western Conference is even tougher now. You can expect these games to be gritty, tough, hard battles. I can't wait to face them again because they are a very tough team." 
On Bradford Jamieson IV:
"Watching [Bradford] out there giving guys hell was awesome. He has tremendous speed. He's a great young talent. It's great to see him out there on the field. I look forward to seeing more of him this year."

On when he found out he would be making his first MLS start:
"He told me about two days before the match and obviously I've been working hard with the first team and second team, getting regular minutes and this is what I have been training for so it wasn't really a surprise when he told me. I know there's going to be injuries and I know there was going to be times when guys were going to have to step up like I said in the beginning of the year. I think I was well prepared."

On his performance:
"Games like this, when it's your first MLS start, you really have to just have a solid performance for the fans and for the coaches. I gave myself a lot of confidence tonight and that's going to carry on the ought the season."

On what he felt before the match:
"I tried to downplay it as much as possible and treat it like a regular day. To be honest I woke up at like eight and watched Netflix almost all day on my couch. The night before, it was a lot more surreal because I was like, tomorrow I'm going to be playing against Kansas City and how funny is it that it was against Kansas City last year that I got my first league assist and this year is my first MLS start. I think it's a good stepping stone in my career."

On playing next to Gyasi Zardes:
"There's chemistry there. We're friends on and off the field and some similarities in play that obviously it shows. With speed and the same kind of thinking, there are dangerous things that can happen between the two of us."
On playing up top and out wide and where he feels the most comfortable:
"It really matters with the formation, but as far as today goes, playing behind someone like Alan Gordon I feel a lot more comfortable. Getting the ball and being able to turn and go at guys at numerous times today when I was getting it at counter attacks and just being able to run it and not being stuck on the wings. It gives you a different angle to look at the game."

On what this game did to his confidence:
"Like I said, it's reassurance for people like Bruce [Arena] and staff, they know that I'm a guy that's dependable and this has been just one match. The hardest thing is the next match and the one after that and the one after that."

On the game:
"This is a team that lined up with a lot of guys out [on injury] and it says a lot about our depth and our character. We got back to back wins now at home with less than 100 percent roster and guys stepping up each week and filling spots, it's great and it's good to see."
On Bradford Jamieson IV:
"I thought he did great, I thought he was busy and dangerous. Got unlucky and should have had a goal tonight. He is just another guy that has stepped up in these last two games and has helped us get wins."
On Sporting Kansas City's play:
"We knew from the start of the season that our division was going to be even more tough. It's been, in my opinion, a tougher conference in the last several years so it just adds to the depth of our schedule, the challenges and they showed it tonight. Every game is important and these three points were huge."

On beating Seattle and Kansas City, and facing New York on the road next:
"It's so different. I think it's something we have corrected from the Vancouver game and something that we wanted to improve on is our effort. There's no reason why we can't do it in New York. So that will be our focus and we'll have to go at them."