“Join our SKC Family and host a star of tomorrow”


The Sporting KC Academy was launched in 2008 with three teams and majority of the players coming from the metro area.  With the growth of the Academy and the competiveness of the program we now have players willing to relocate from various states and countries to be part of our elite academy. With this transformation we are looking for host families to welcome visiting players into their homes.

The host families will offer a safe & supportive environment that will allow the player to focus on efforts on his academics and athletic achievements. The players will need housing for the majority of the year; starting mid-August each year and then concluding in June.

Expectation for Host Family

The family will welcome the player into their house as one of their own family members. The player must be provided his own room where he can have privacy and study in a quiet place. In addition, he will all need to be provided a bed and clothes storage. There must be easy access to a bathroom, laundry, internet and television.

Nutrition is a very important part of these young athletes' life.  The host family must provide three balanced meals a day along with healthy snack options. These players will be training four plus times a week with additional weight training sessions therefore they must have access to the proper fuel for their body.

Transportation to and from school and practice will be provided by the host family unless the player has his own car.  If this is the case the player will take care of his own maintenance, gas and insurance.

These boys are all young and in need of structure, friendship and acceptance. When you commit to being a host parent you are becoming part of SKC Forever Family and the rewards will far outweigh the amount of effort required.


If you are interested in becoming a host family, please apply online or contact Betsy Maxfield, Vice President, Youth Soccer & Player Affairs, at bmaxfield@sportingkc.com / call (773)343-5099.

After the application is complete, a phone interview will be scheduled, followed by an in-house visit and finally a background check for all those who are 18 and older and live in the house.

Host Family FAQ