SCN Feature: Yushin Gossin’s Freestyle Soccer

Recently we tweeted out a freestyle soccer video made by a member of Sporting Lincoln FC, one of the Academy Affiliate teams in the Sporting Club Network. Yushin Gossin, a 5th grade central midfielder from Lincoln, Nebraska, is the star of the video. The Gossin’s are active members in the Sporting Club Network, as Yushin even got the opportunity to participate in the Walk of Champions during the USA-Guatemala World Cup Qualifier at Sporting Park last October.

Yushin and his father, Jon Gossin, took some time to tell us a little bit more about how the video was made and where their inspiration came from.

Sporting Club Network: How long had you been practicing freestyle soccer?

Yushin Gossin: "Since last summer when I first started learning tricks. I first started watching YouTube videos, and would make a list of the tricks I liked and when I learned them I would check them off."

SCN: What is it that you like so much about freestyle soccer?

YG: "At first, juggling was just a way to improve my touch, but as I learned tricks, it became a lot more fun.  A cool part about it is that it can be done anywhere and doesn’t have any rules you need to follow, so it’s also a great way to show my creativity."

SCN: What inspired you to make this video in the first place?

YG: "I made the video for my Grandpa, who passed away recently. Most of the tricks I’ve learned come from YouTube videos that my dad and I watch. We pick out moves and try to learn them one-by-one.

Jon Gossin: "His grandfather’s birthday was coming up, and we wanted to do something for his memory. He had always loved to watch Yushin play and especially loved his juggling skills. It took six weeks to make and hours of practice, but it came out great and was a lot of fun."

SCN: What’s your favorite trick? And do you have any new ones you are working on?

YG: "Well, my first move was the crossover, which I learned last summer. That’s probably my favorite. Right now, I’m working on the 'Double Around-The-World' and the 'hop around the world.'"

SCN: Do you have a personal record for successive juggles that you try to beat?

YG: "Right now my record is 2,354 in a row."

JG: "In October 2012, at the end of the fall season, Yushin won an award for most juggles in the club – with a record of 455. Since then, numerous other players in Sporting Lincoln FC have beaten his record, and every time that Yushin has his record beat, he immediately gets a ball and juggles until he has the top spot in the club again. This trend has continued through the whole winter to the point where now Yushin is in a battle with one of the 13-year-old's at the club and they’ve both exceeded 2,000 juggles in a row.

SCN: Who are your favorite all-time players?

YG: "My favorite players of all time are Lionel Messi and Johan Cruyff. However, a big inspiration for me are many of the Sporting KC players, especially Graham Zusi, Matt Besler, Jimmy Nielsen, and (current Norwich City loanee) Kei Kamara."

SCN: Have you ever attended a live match at Sporting Park?

YG: "Besides the US Men’s World Cup Qualifier, I also went to the Sporting KC game versus DC United during the weekend of the Academy Affiliate Tournament last August."

SCN: What are your ultimate soccer goals in life?

YG: "I want to play for the United States of America in the World Cup. I would also play for Japan since my mom is Japanese, but before that I want to play for either Sporting Kansas City or Barcelona."

To see more videos of Yushin’s skills, check out his YouTube page here. To learn more about the Sporting Club Network, visit or email