Sporting KC launches 2017 Calendar of Youth Programs

Sporting Kansas City launched its 2017 Calendar of Youth Programs on Wednesday. The revamped lineup features the new Player Development Training System, designed to give youth players an opportunity to gain professional, supplemental training from an introductory stage to the elite level of the game in a club-neutral environment.

The player development system follows the “Play the Sporting Way” philosophy and provides 13 different programs throughout the year, catering to boys and girls from the ages of 2-14.

“The re-launch of our Sporting Kansas City youth programs is a fantastic initiative as we move forward into 2017,” Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes said. “The fact that we are integrating it with the Sporting Kansas City Academy is a tremendous step in the right direction.

“We now have everything from recreational camps to individual training for advanced players that will be operating the entire year. I’m equally excited to see how the new programs will be implemented, and also thrilled that so many players will have the opportunity to learn the Sporting Way.”

Programming will run year-round, kicking off in February with a one-day camp. From there, the focus will shift to Spring Break Camps, a variety of summer programs and multiple fall sessions. These camps will allow players to receive training that supplements each participant’s current club environment, many of which will also be available when school is not in session. Additionally, the new model will give players increased opportunities to interact with and learn from Sporting Kansas City players and coaches.

Youth programs will span the Kansas City metropolitan area and expand throughout the region. Leveraging partnerships with clubs across the Sporting Club Network, professional staff will travel to neighboring states to provide programming in several cities.

“We are excited to provide high-quality summer programming to our affiliate markets,” Sporting KC Youth Program Director Colin Bulwich said. “The opportunity to interact with youth players in our affiliate clubs is a huge step in helping develop children within our catchment market. The ability to provide high level training for kids at different stages in their development is something we at Sporting KC strive to improve.”