About Swope Park Rangers

Swope Park Rangers - Primary Logo
  • Shield shape is identical to the Sporting KC shield
  • Base color is the same as Sporting KC's dark indigo color
  • RANGERS is in the same typeface as SPORTING on Sporting KC's primary mark
  • Logo features 11 stripes in the background, similar to the eleven stripes on the left half of the Sporting KC shield
  • The stripes are a lighter shade of the lead color for Sporting KC
Swope Park Rangers - Secondary Logo
  • Base color is the same as dark indigo color for Sporting KC
  • Features interlocking letters, similar to SC ligature in Sporting KC primary mark
  • The typeface is used on signage throughout Swope Park, creating an element that specifically ties back to the community where the Swope Park Rangers will be playing.
Swope Park Rangers - Word Mark
  • Typeface and design is an exact replica of the current Sporting KC word mark, with the only change being SWOPE PARK is now at the top, while KANSAS CITY is underneath in the Sporting KC version.
  • Base color is the same as dark indigo color for Sporting KC