Following detailed safety protocols developed in conjunction with the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, Sporting’s next three home matches at Children’s Mercy Park will be held at a reduced capacity of approximately 18%. The stadium seating plan will adhere to proper social distancing guidelines and face coverings will be mandatory for fans, along with a number of other new safety protocols. A summary of those protocols are below.




  • Masks will be required for all fans attending matches at Children’s Mercy Park. Sporting KC Staff will be available to maintain mask compliance.
  • Tailgating has been prohibited for all home matches.
  • Each fan will have an assigned entry time based on ticket location.
  • All tickets to be digitally scanned (no personal contact between guests, staff, and devices).
  • Walk through metal detectors installed to limit close personal contact on entry.
  • Children's Mercy Park staff will be conducting temperature checks upon entry.
  • If a fan registers too high of a temperature (100.4°F or higher ), they must wait 10 minutes before a re-test. A failed re-test prohibits entry.
  • If you bring a bag to the stadium, it must be clear. Clear bags measuring 14” x 14” x 6” or smaller may be permitted after a thorough inspection by stadium security staff. All bags are subject to search and this inspection is considered a condition of entry. Back Packs (Including Purse Back Packs) are not permitted inside Children’s Mercy Park.
  • Please stay to the right on the concourse.
  • Follow floor signage designating traffic flow.
  • Gates will have social distancing indicators to guide entry to the stadium.
  • Parking will be spaced out to allow for social distancing on arrival.



  • Based on seating location, fans will exit in three different groups, all with different times to exit.
  • Please listen to the stadium PA announcements to hear when your group will exit Children's Mercy Park.
  • Refer to the graphic below to identify your exit group.




  • At reduced capacity, social distancing between assigned seating groups.
  • Stadium Bowl opens 90 minutes prior to kickoff.




  • Mobile/preordering is strongly encouraged, as cash is no longer accepted for SportingStyle purchases. Mobile/preorders can be redeemed at the Sporting Style kiosk on the Toyota Plaza.
  • Reduced number of fans (One person / 113 square feet) allowed in Sporting Style Stores at one time.
  • Clear plastic partitions installed at registers.



  • All concessions stands will be open to maximize social distancing on the concourse.
  • All water fountains are currently closed.
  • Mobile ordering strongly encouraged, as cash is no longer accepted for food & beverage purchases. As such, Mobile Ordering will be available at all concessions locations. Download the Sporting KC App for mobile ordering.
  • One-way lines and social distancing markers at each stand.
  • To replace individual eating utensils, fans will be provided pre-wrapped cutlery.
  • Meals packaged in containers to decrease contact points.



  • Attendants to serve food from trays.
  • Attendants to wear gloves.
  • Food packaged in container to decrease contact.



  • Food will be served to attendees instead the self-service buffets.
  • All preparation will be completed by staff in masks and gloves.
  • All preparation and service areas will be sanitized regularly leading up to the match and during the match.
  • All full-time hospitality staff is ServSafe certified, and we will continue to follow the local health code guidelines.



  • Enter/exit signs for one way traffic and social distancing.
  • Sinks and urinals may be closed to allow for social distancing as needed.



  • Sporting Kansas City will follow detailed and exhaustive sanitation protocols before, during and after each event held at our venues. Stadium staff members will use industry-leading disinfectants including Vital Oxide and Lysol in all areas of our buildings on a frequent basis.
  • Prior to matches, every touchpoint area will be thoroughly sanitized. In bathrooms, all sinks, paper towel dispensers, toilets, grab bars and door handles and locks will be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped down. All seats, chairs, tables and podiums will be cleaned with Vital Oxide—an EPA-registered disinfectant cleaner, mold and mildew killer and odor eliminator—using an Electrostatic Sprayer.
  • While matches take place, staff members will actively clean areas by using disinfectant spray and wiping as needed. Trash will be emptied regularly, and restrooms will be routinely checked, with staff members disinfecting during break times and restocking on soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and toilet paper as necessary. Sporting will work with clients and guests to accommodate additional sanitation requests.
  • At the conclusion of match, thorough cleaning will begin once guests have exited the building. Among the many touchpoints that will be disinfected and wiped down include bathrooms, seats, chairs, podiums, elevators, door handles and entrance ways. The Electrostatic Sprayer will clean surfaces once all tables and chairs have been removed from the physical space.



  • All associates will be provided personal protective equipment.
  • Associates will be instructed to stay home if they don’t feel well.
  • All associates will have their temperature checked before entry.
  • All associates will receive training regarding COVID-19 related health precautions & procedures.
  • Policy barring any associates-to-fan contact (no handshakes, hugs, fan pictures, etc.).