What is the Sporting Club Network?

The Sporting Club Network, presented by Price Chopper, is an affiliation program aiming to create a closer tie between Sporting Club and the various youth and adult athletic clubs organized throughout the Midwest. Through this partnership, our members have exclusive access to Sporting Kansas City events, facilities, technical staff, and much more.

Apparently I'm a member of the Sporting Club Network now. How did that happen?

Your club recently agreed to a formal partnership with Sporting Club, the parent company of Sporting Kansas City, to provide members like you with complimentary opportunities to enhance your membership. All members of your club - including parents, players, coaches, administrators, and volunteers - are considered members of the Sporting Club Network and are able to participate in events.

How much does membership cost?

The Sporting Club Network provides a free membership to the vast majority of its clubs. Most of our events are free, as well. Our calendar of events takes place across the Kansas City metro area, sometimes even at Children's Mercy Park. In some instances, members participating in these events will be required to purchase a game ticket.

What does it mean if my club is now an Academy Affiliate in the Sporting Club Network?

Select regional clubs throughout the Midwest may have the opportunity to rebrand their club under the "Sporting" name, in turn, becoming an extension of Sporting Kansas City's Development Academy. These clubs act as the eyes and ears of our scouting network, and are able to provide added benefits to their members separate from your typical Sporting Club Network club, with the ultimate goal being to offer a clear path for their top athletes to reach the next level of the game, whether it be collegiate or professional.

If your club is interested in becoming an Academy Affiliate, please contact Liam O'Connell at loconnell@sportingkc.com.

So, how do I participate in Network events?

We give our members many different ways to stay up-to-date with our upcoming events. Two to three times a month, we'll send out an E-Blast to all of our members with a list of upcoming events and links to their registration pages. We also promote events through Facebook and Twitter. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and on Instagram.

You can also view our full calendar of events at www.sportingkc.com/scn/calendar. For additional questions regarding our calendar of events, please email scn@sportingkc.com.

Do I have to register for an event to attend?

Yes. Many Sporting Club Network events have attendance caps to ensure our members have the best experience possible. Some events are first come, first served, while others make use of a lottery selection process. If you're not sure if you registered correctly for an event, please email us at scn@sportingkc.com.

What if I don't live in Kansas City? How can I take advantage of the benefits of the Sporting Club Network?

Beyond our calendar of events, we regularly offer contests and other programs that our members can engage in online, typically through social media. These contests are very easy to participate in, and can result in you winning prizes such as team-autographed merchandise, one-of-a-kind experiences tied to Sporting Club, and even tickets to Sporting Kansas City home matches! Just be sure to follow the Sporting Club Network on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date with the latest contests.

Besides online contests and programs, we regularly host events in cities in which our Academy Affiliates are located. Be sure to keep an eye out for those events on our calendar page and social media accounts.

Why are there now Sporting Club Network patches on our jerseys?

The Sporting Club Network patches are used to signify that, by becoming a member of the Sporting Club Network, you are now a part of our club. That same Sporting Club Network crest is worn not only by World Cup players like Matt Besler and Graham Zusi, but also by nearly 65,000 other athletes across the Midwest. Wearing this patch will allow you to participate in many of our contests and can even earn you Sporting Kansas City prizes and other benefits. You are now truly a part of this ever-growing Sporting Club, represented by your patch.

How often will I receive emails from the Sporting Club Network?

Our relationship with our members is incredibly important to us, so we never want to overload your inbox. You will only receive necessary information regarding Sporting Club Network updates or exclusive offers, often times only two or three times per month.

If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the amount of communication you receive, you may unsubscribe by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link within each email. You may also email us at scn@sportingkc.com.

What if I don't want to participate in the Sporting Club Network?

No one is required to participate in the Network. Membership in the Network does not require you to purchase and Sporting Kansas City tickets or merchandise or participate in any events. You are given the opportunity to make your membership experience as much or as little as you like, and, as mentioned, have the ability to opt out of our email updates at any time.

Can I buy discounted tickets to Sporting Kansas City home matches?

Sporting Club Network members have the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets to every Sporting Kansas City home match. For individuals, families, or groups smaller than 20 people, use the ticket link on your club's website. This link will direct you to TicketMaster where you will be instructed to use your club's specific code. Please use the code "15SCN" to access these discounts.

If you are organizing a group of 20 or more people, please contact your club representative to receive greater ticket discounts. Every Network member is assigned a dedicated ticket representative and will have access to discounted tickets to most, if not all, matches at Sporting Park.

Who is my Sporting Kansas City ticket representative?

Each club has its own Sporting Kansas City ticket representative. This person will be your main point of contact for all of your ticketing needs. Their contact information should be posted on your club's website and on your club's Sporting Club Network member page. If, for some reason, can't find their contact information, please contact us at 888-4KC-GOAL and ask for your club's representative.

I have a question not listed here - who should I contact?

Any questions regarding the Sporting Club Network can be sent to scn@sportingkc.com.