SeatGeek Account Manager

Click on the headings below to get more information on how to use your SeatGeek account Manager:

  • Accessing Account Manager

    To access your account manager via SeatGeek, please visit From here you will be able to:

    1. View, download, and print off your tickets
    2. Send tickets online to family and friends
    3. Post tickets for resale through SeatGeek
    4. See exclusive ticket offers for Sporting Kansas City Season Ticket Members
    5. Update your payout information when selling your tickets

    If you have any questions regarding your SeatGeek account, contact SeatGeek at 1-888-415-6650 or or contact your Client Services Executive with Sporting Kansas City.

  • Downloading Your Tickets

    Want to see what you purchased? Ready to go to the event? You can view and download your tickets at any time.


  • Transferring Your Tickets

    Have an extra ticket you want to send to someone? Make it hassle free, use SeatGeek. Did we mention it’s completely free? Yup, it is. Enjoy!


    1. Open the SKC Account Manager
    2. Once signed in, click the 'Tickets' section of your account
    3. Click the ‘Send’ button
    4. Enter the name, username, email or phone of the person you are sending to or click a recent recipient
    5. Click ‘Quantity’ and select the number of tickets you want to send
    6. Click ‘Send’


    You will receive a notification when the other person accepts the transfer.

    If they haven't accepted them, you can just cancel the transfer and you’re good to go. Wait, but what if they have accepted them?! No worries, send a message to your friend to transfer them back your way!

    Try it out for yourself, here:

  • Selling Your Tickets

    This video shows you exactly how to list your tickets SKC tickets on SeatGeek Marketplace through your SKC Account Manager.


    1. Open the SKC Account Manager
    2. Once signed in, click the 'Tickets' section of your account
    3. Click the ticket group you'd like to list for sale
    4. Click ‘Sell’ on the ticket group and set the quantity you want to sell and at your price or the recommended price.
    5. Click ‘List Tickets’


    Your tickets will remain available for purchase all the way up to the start of the event, and for some multi-day events, long after the event has started. You’ll know they are listed by the ‘ACTIVE’ status displayed in the ticket view mode. If you wish to sell these on another platform, please be sure to delist your tickets by selecting 'Delist' next to the ticket group in your SKC Account Manager.

    You can Edit the Listing Price immediately and as many times as you’d like, and it will reflect that way on the Marketplace under the SeatGeek logo. Hey, what can we say? - we’re a team.

    Do you have a bunch of tickets you would like to sell? No problem - SeatGeek allows for bulk multi-game uploads and has a graduated dashboard for users with many listings to manage.

    Note: SeatGeek does have a seller’s fee of 20%. However, SeatGeek does not charge a buyer’s fee which makes your listing a lot more appealing to potential buyers. The math is done for you before you set the price and list the tickets, making the whole process really straightforward and easy.

  • Additional Support

    Still having trouble? We’re happy to help!

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