Stadium Construction Timeline

September 2009:

  • Developer asks Wyandotte County officials for permission to use revenues from existing tax increment financing in the Village West area to help finance the soccer complex.
  • New stadium plans officially announced for site near Village West in Kansas city, Kansas (Sept. 9th)

December 2009:

  • Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman, provides an update on the stadium situation via team website and blog stating the Kansas City, Kansas location as final, pending signature. (Dec. 17th)
  • Construction equipment placed on the Legends site waiting to break ground. (Dec. 21st)

January 2010:

  • Wyandotte County approves the bonds to help finance the stadium. (Jan. 19th)
  • Groundbreaking ceremony was made as Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman, using heavy machinery, moves dirt on the construction site. (Jan. 20th)
  • Excavation process begins in the main bowl and the west side of the stadium

February 2010:

  • Excavation process continues and is ongoing until about 350,000 yards of dirt is moved.
  • Piers begin to be drilled 42” in diameter and filled with rebar; then surrounded by concrete to create a bearing surface for the structure.
  • The first permanent tie back wall is formed of concrete on the south side of the complex proceeds

March 2010:

  • Construction personnel move into trailer at stadium site.
  • Mass excavation process continues in the main bowl and is near completion.
  • Installation of the new electrical duct-bank has started.
  • Wall placement begins to form the lower wall at field level west.

April 2010:

  • Mass excavation process is completed in most areas.
  • Structural steel erection commences at northwest corner proceeding south and then east (installing about 25 pieces of steel each day; 2,500 pieces total).
  • Steel signing ceremony held for supporters.
  • Installation of north field walls and intermediate walls started.
  • Storm sewer installation has started on east side of France Family drive.

May 2010:

  • Installation of drilled piers and structural steel erection is ongoing.
  • Concrete placement has started along field wall footings and is near completion.
  • Installation of steel decking has begun in field bowl and main club levels

June 2010:

  • First set of roof trusses arrive for staging at stadium site.
  • Pre-cast treads and risers arrive at stadium site. (Pre-made seating foundation)
  • Installation of pre-cast treads and risers begins.
  • Structural steel erection and roof decking installation is ongoing.
  • Concrete placed for exterior walkway

July 2010:

  • First roof truss is installed atop the steel frame. (19-ton trusses individually lifted by crane, rotated, and set in place carefully by 12 workers; 1-2 trusses installed each day with 42 total)
  • Metal stud framing begins for suites and press boxes
  • MLS Commissioner Don Garber visits the stadium site and is extremely impressed with the facility and the thought behind it.
  • Roof deck installation for the entire west building is completed.
  • Installation of pre-cast treads and risers continues.
  • Forming of intermediate stairs has started.

August 2010:

  • Storm and sanitary sewer installation is substantially completed along East France Family drive.
  • Precast erection is ongoing as work on the supporters section (the Cauldron) begins.
  • Metal stud framing is ongoing in concourse, suite and press levels as field level installation begins.
  • South scoreboard support steel begins.
  • Team visits site and tours new locker room facility.

September 2010:

  • 3/4 of roof trusses have been installed.
  • East stands treads and risers have been installed and completed.
  • All field walls have been poured.
  • Canopy decking on trusses under way.
  • Burnished block/installation for concessions on main concourse commences.
  • Curtain wall installation on west tower approaching completion.

October 2010:

  • Final roof truss is installed and metal decking is started to enclose building.
  • Topping out ceremony held (Oct. 6th)
  • Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman projects the stadium to be 41% complete

November 2010:

  • Work on ground stair commences.
  • Stacking glass doors to suite-level starts.
  • Conduit wiring for sports lighting and speakers begins.
  • Canopy decking installation is ongoing.

December 2010:

  • Polycarbonate leading edge installation to canopy commences.
  • Preparation for field level installation begins.
  • Installation of playing field service track has begun.
  • Ceiling grid, stud wall framing and insulation is ongoing at all levels.
  • Tile for bathroom floors and walls is ongoing as painting begins.
  • Conduit and wire-pulls for sports lighting and speakers is ongoing as installation of the speakers and sports lighting begins.

January 2011:

  • Lights and speakers installed on roof canopy.
  • LED module installation commences.
  • Subgrade drainage and installation for field commences.
  • Finishes commence at field level west.
  • Installation of soffits and television frame at the Cauldron Club begins.
  • Installation of press media platform steel begins.

February 2011:

  • KC Commercial Real Estate Women awards Sporting Park as Project of the Year.
  • SubAir heating and cooling technology installed under playing surface.
  • LED panels installed for the HD video board at south end.
  • Seat installation begins.
  • Cabinet installation commences at suite and press levels - Polycarbonate installation to canopy is ongoing.
  • Installation of storefronts at retail building and metal panels at concession stands is ongoing. - South scoreboard module installation is complete. - Locker installation at field level commences.

June 2011:

  • Sporting Park opens in front of a packed crowd on June 9, 2011.
  • Sporting Park hosts group stage matches for the 2011 Gold Cup.

July 2011:

  • Sporting Park hosts friendly between Sporting Kansas City and Newcastle United.

August 2011:

  • Sporting Park hosts Farm Aid 2011 with musical guests Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Jason Mraz and Dave Matthews Band.
  • Buzz Beach Ball 2011 with guests Incubus and Tool is held at Sporting Park.

September 2011:

  • Sporting Park hosts friendly between United States Women’s National Team and the Canadian Women’s National Team.

October 2011:

  • Sporting Park hosts friendly between Sporting Kansas City and Chivas de Guadalajara.