The Trenches

The Trenches are part of the Kansas City Cauldron Support group led by the SKC Doughboys. We share a common passion and support for the entire Sporting KC organization. Our group was formed to channel our passion and energy in section S-8 for SKC. We draw inspiration from the National WWI Museum and Memorial based here in Kansas City, MO. Match-days, we typically don our SKC themed ‘Brodie’ for each match to honor our fellow brothers and sisters in arms. The Trenches members consist of men and women and children from all walks of life. All are always and forever welcome.

All Away Game Watch Parties at:
Martin City Brewing Company
500 E. 135th St
Kansas City, MO, 64145
(816) 268-2222

If you are interested in getting involved in any of these aspects of support with the Trenches, they can be contacted at

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