100 memories for 100 sellouts

The beautiful Children's Mercy Park opened on June 9, 2011 and just a year later the stadium had endeared fans near and far. So as we celebrate 100 sellouts, we decided to share 100 memories from you all, the amazing supporters of this club, since the opening of Children's Mercy Park six years ago. Make sure you read until the end to hear a special memory from a Sporting KC Legend.

  1. Anthony Mack – I brought my mother whom is 70 years old, and my niece whom is 11. They had so much fun!! Priceless memories!
  2. Chris Webb – Standing in east stand in freezing rain when AC78 headed in a free kick from midfield in front of the Cauldron to bury the Rapids in the Playoffs. A great excuse to fall in love with the club, become a cauldron STM and buy my first scarf!
  3. Robyn Heinz – I attended my first SKC game in 2016 and fell in love!! I bought season tickets in 2017.
  4. JP Armilio – 7/11: 10 men. We only had 10 men and still forced overtime and then put up three [3] for Ike [Opara].
  5. Daniel Kooser – Winning a trip through SKC and Red Bull to go to New York to see SKC beat RBNY.
  6. Justin Langer – Standing on frozen feet, absolutely no cares in the world as we hoisted the cup!
  7. Brittany AuBuchon – Winning the MLS Cup!!!
  8. Lori Voelker – Our first year as season ticket holders. Love the excitement of the game and time with my husband, Kevin.
  9. Joshua Zars – Attending our first SKC game after moving here from Michigan. The game was against the Chicago Fire on my mom's birthday. It was three weeks after the birth of our second son, and we were not going to miss it for anything. We were STH in Chicago and fans of SKC so the matchup was perfect for our first game here. The stadium was loud and full of excitement; our family of four knew we found ourselves our new home. The awesome moment happens in the 75th minute as Paulo (Nagamura) netted a goal to win the game. It was also Tim Melia's first start. My older son couldn't take his eyes off of him and he remains his favorite player to this day. The family memories made that day are still talked about. Thank you SKC for giving us our new home for soccer.
  10. Dee Dickey – Easter Sunday against Philly Union. We were down 2-1 most of the match but came back in extra time to win 3-2, with both of those last minute goals right in front of us in the South Stands, where we had been standing and screaming our heads off for most of the second half. Both teams and the whole stadium were so hyped. I think there were tears on the way home when we heard the players say on the radio that the fans had made it happen. We were exhausted and so happy. Still one of our favorite games ever as a family and now retelling the story is part of our Easter tradition.
  11. Alicia Hiles – South Stand season ticket holders and Dom Dwyer comes over to take a Selfie. My son is in the picture but my husband and I had just gone up to the restroom when this happened. I have a great picture of it though.
  12. Scott McCaskill – 2013 is memorable for multiple reasons. CCL matches, USMNT match, MLS All-Star host and of course winning the MLS Cup on our home pitch. A magical year and incredible time to be a Sporting KC fan!
  13. Stacy Huffhines – Winning the MLS Cup championship!
  14. Ed Reasoner – Hosting the MLS All-Star game that featured three Sporting KC players, but also when my grandson and family met Seth Sinovic, C.J. Sapong, Uri Rosell and Benny Feilhaber.
  15. Cindy Sims – Kickoff party at the downtown airport!
  16. Susan Williams – MLS Cup!!! The temperature was cold, but the fans didn't care. We stood the entire game, and cheered for our Sporting KC players. The most exciting game I've ever attended.
  17. Bruce Summers – Freezing my rear off in December to see us raise the MLS Cup!!!
  18. Anita Mariani – Being able to bring along our family from Buffalo, N.Y. to share their first MLS game. Now they're SKC fans and still follow the team from home!
  19. Adam Jones – 2013 Eastern Conference Championship with my girls.
  20. Scott Goering – I remember attending the opening game in 2011. I was with a group from work and got tickets just days before the game. We sat in the South Stand. I spent most of the game watching the folks in the Cauldron have a blast. I vowed to return to a game and sit with the crazies in the Cauldron. After a few games in the Cauldron, I decided that I needed season tickets, and the rest is history!
  21. Angela Howe – Becoming season ticket holders and enjoying all the festivities of the All-Star game and the MLS Cup. We were right by the wall when we painted it.
  22. Chase Coburn – We were able to get front row tickets on the East Side of the stadium for the U.S. Open Cup Final on August 9, 2012. Initially that day, it seemed like it was going to be rainy, but just before kick, the skies cleared and it turned into a perfect night for soccer. The match was highly contested throughout, and it only seemed fitting that it would end up in penalty kicks. And watching the Seattle Sounders choke while our guys finished strong was life-changing. Such an incredible night!
  23. Matthew Nowak – Had to be the championship match against Real Salt Lake. There were so many RSL fans that we had plenty of them all around us. I went up to the concession stands to get plenty of cardboard boxes on which me and my wife stood during the game since the temps dropped so low. Watching Jimmy skate around on the frozen grass in front of the goal was interesting. We discovered that the chemical hand warmers need plenty of oxygen to work and have bought a better hand warmer for the next frozen championships.
  24. Dustin Springer – At the inaugural game against Chicago in 2011 a man dressed up in a cow suit and ran on to the pitch. Obviously a no-no but it was so funny. I had never been to an MLS game ever. The raw energy in that stadium made me walk right up to find a ticket rep and get season tickets. I haven't looked back since. I love being a part of the Sporting Nation!
  25. Robert Houghton – Winning fieldside reserve seats for the very first Sporting KC MLS match in our own stadium. Standing at kickoff, scarf held over my head, tears in my eyes. After all the years, it was such an emotional moment.
  26. Katie Ervin – My favorite memory was taking my husband and my son to their first soccer game. I grew up playing and loving the game. My daughter and I had to explain the rules and what was happening the WHOLE TIME. We are now season ticket holders and my son is in love with the game. He watches all soccer all the time. He picked up the game at 12 and has worked so hard to catch up to his teammates who have played as long as they could walk. I am not sure who is the most passionate fan in my house but we look forward to all Sporting games. We brought a friend from France who grew up with European football. He was in awe with how wonderful the atmosphere was and the quality of the soccer being played. I love the impact that this team has had on our family and our city.
  27. Matthew Nowak – Our seats are near the "enemy cauldron" area. At the very first game against the Chicago Fire, the Chicago fans were numerous and loud enough to drown out our own Cauldron. Some of the women were wearing bright red bikinis and the Chicago folks started chanting "Fire, Fire!" while they set off red smoke bombs. Then a cow jumped the fence, ran out onto the pitch, and scored a goal against their own goalie. From that time on, we knew that this was going to be exciting and a place we had to be for every home game. Still have the same season ticket seats.
  28. Ashley Wetteborn – Walking into the stadium for our very first game in our brand new home. It was a bit emotionally overwhelming to finally have a stadium to call our own. That first match against Chicago was bittersweet, but I'll never forget the joy, excitement, pride and relief upon finally walking into the Members Club for the first time – and then seeing all of my friends just as excited as I was.
  29. Amy Macken – Winning the MLS Cup at home and trading my SKC scarf with an RSL fan after the game.
  30. Jeremy Hall – First Game on June 9.  Nothing better than having a new stadium open on my birthday. Jimmy Nielsen on only career red birthday. So many good memories! Happy Birthday to me and Children's Mercy Park (I am just a couple years older...).
  31. Leland Mesick – Blue Moon beer kiosk and street tacos kiosk, but mostly the number of military fly-overs that we had the first year.
  32. Chris Dodds – I hope this doesn't sound too strange, but my best memory of the 2011 season was my first memory and also occurred in a loss. My friends invited my wife and I to the Sporting/Sounders game in August. It was crazy hot and my first impressions of the stadium were just that it was an amazing facility and even better atmosphere.  Sporting enjoyed a 1-0 lead for most of the game after Kei (Kamara) scored pretty early in the game. The part that makes this strange is that Seattle scored very late in the 90th minute and then again shortly into stoppage time. While this was heartbreaking to every sporting fan, I just remember how after each of those goals, the Cauldron immediately started signing louder and louder trying to spur the boys on. It was an amazing response in my mind to something that was obviously painful to see on the pitch. Despite the loss, I was hooked and have been a season ticket holder since. Go Sporting!
  33. Hallie Stephen-Castro – Opening Night. Davy Arnaud and Jimmy Nielsen were amazing. Lance Armstrong was a special guest. They attempted a fly-over prior to the game, but I believe there was a helicopter in the way. I also remember someone had a drone taking video, which was odd. The atmosphere was friendly. The staff were friendly. They treated us like we were special and we really felt like we were a part of the team.
  34. Zach Cadolf – I've taken many friends, family and coworkers to their first Sporting games at Children's Mercy Park. Win, lose or draw they always love the experience, atmosphere and camaraderie felt at the stadium. Many great memories have been made and many more are still to come.
  35. Andy Butler – The way my nephews eyes lit up when he met his idols at Children’s Mercy Park.
  36. LeAnn Malaschak – My favorite memory is Puma Nielsen coming over before every home match and fist-bumping my kids, and the other fans in our row.
  37. @JoshBathtub – Gotta be SKC 3 Dallas 0 in the Open Cup this year.
  38. Aaron Sloan – Three goal comeback vs. Vancouver in the last 10 minutes in 2015. Also got to meet the team!
  39. @ShipleeTV – Sitting in the Cauldron with SKC scored three goals in extra time against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Magical.
  40. Aaron Stout – Had to be the MLS Cup Finals in 2013. It was last minute for me. Freezing cold weather and the game went to PKs. Oh and my beer iced over.
  41. @CaitlinCort – Being able to introduce to & enjoy soccer with all of my favorite people.
  42. Mark Edson – MLS Cup 2013. In the ambulance with my wife when Collin scored. She said: Go watch your team, baby. Just come get me from the hospital when it’s over.
  43. Dennis Orsmton – I was at the 2012 Open Cup Final! That was pretty memorable! But being at the first game at the stadium was damn near emotional!
  44. Zach Huston – Watching a man dressed as a cow score off a wonder strike on opening night was definitely my favorite moment.
  45. Matt Killingsworth – MLS Cup 2013: Couldn’t feel any of my extremities but knew the team was still giving 100 percent. Turned and watched crowd on last PK, so emotional.
  46. Nathan Porter – July 3, 2016: The captain Matt Besler puts in an extra time winner to take down Columbus 3-2. Everything you could want in a game.
  47. @BeverlyHillsC0P – Taking my parents to 4-3 comeback win against the Whitecaps was incredible. My dad said it was the best live sports event he had seen.
  48. Doug Carrithers - #8812 will always have a special place because it was my first final at Children’s Mercy Park and in the Kansas City Cauldron.
  49. Araceli Villanueva – The 2013 MLS Cup!
  50. @Da316 – First time in a suite for a Sporting KC game was the 2017 Open Cup Semifinal victory.
  51. @Baconbits078 – First trip to KS October 2015, friend took me to see SKC. Impressed by the stadium & amazing vibe of the fans. Not a win but still a great game.
  52. @LegendLatif – Winning our first trophy at CM Park in 2012.
  53. Mason Munson – My favorite moment is the 2012 U.S. Open Cup final. Delayed start, a double rainbow and winning in PKs. It was an exciting night I won't forget.
  54. Shannon Miller – Seeing a game just me and my dad. We used to go all the time when I was younger but since I moved away, we don’t get to go as much.
  55. Megan Watts – The game every Summer my niece comes to town that I get to share my love of Sporting with.
  56. David Jones – So many memories! The most recent, the Open Cup semifinal against San Jose. Love going with my daughter and my friends.
  57. Brandon Talley – The inaugural game at Children’s Mercy Park and winning the Open Cup championship against the Seattle Sounders in PKs!
  58. Kendra Beaver – Taking my friends to their first ever Sporting KC game in the freezing pouring down rain with Dom striking the ball with his right foot after injury.
  59. Erika Paredes – MLS Cup Champions 2013.
  60. Greg Boege – Easter 2015, had Victory Suite tickets. Graham Zusi walks through (not in 18) and offers high five to four year old daughter, who just stares.
  61. @JTinKC – I remember winning tix to MLS Cup via Twitter. Had mono at the time. When we won I couldn’t tell if it was real life. So great.
  62. @Spideybait – Seeing the pride banner. It was the first match I went to this season and to see all of the love and support was so beautiful! Also an amazing game!
  63. Connor Cape – My last day in Kansas City I saw the Gerso hat trick with my siblings.
  64. Mike McGrew – A game versus FC Dallas in 2011 with my late father-in-law. Any time I sit in M1 I think of him sitting next to me.
  65. Corey Anglemyer – Brining my little dude to his first game last Father’s Day.
  66. @Breezytriple0 – Open Cup Semifinal. Voice was gone, sense of anticipation, trust in Tim & the players to succeed - overwhelming. Crowd was intense, powerful, jubilant.
  67. @CjcFlint – So happy to have been present 06-09-11 & many other games to watch rebirth of proud franchise morph into a powerhouse. From MI, forever SKC.
  68. Aaron Campbell – Getting to take my son (seven at the time) to the 2013 MLS Cup Final. The whole time we froze, but it was worth it to see Sporting KC win the cup at home.
  69. @CutItOut_ – When I rode a train for 12 hours to watch my first Sporting KC match at Children’s Mercy Park.
  70. Dustin J. Martin – Freezing my tail off front row in M7 during the MLS Cup. Didn’t have a voice for three days but to hold the cup knowing that #WeTogether.
  71. Alma Mascote – Taking my little guy to his first Sporting KC game and he loved it!
  72. Tim Shedor – My mom learning and enthusiastically participating in the "Shots" chant during her first stay in the Cauldron, when we beat Minnesota 3-0 earlier this summer.
  73. Alex Cox – The U.S. Open Cup Final in 2012, defeating the dreaded Sounders in penalties after a lengthy rain delay and painting that wall after the game.
  74. Brian Aitken – It was the second leg of the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals against the Dynamo. As my friend and I froze our glutes off, Benny Feilhaber and Dom Dwyer combined to bring us back from the dead and advance. And boy was it good.
  75. Will Chertoff – When Benny Feilhaber scored a banging free kick against the LA Galaxy in 2014. I had never seen a ball hit so well in my life.
  76. Erik Dayton – Bear-hugging my friends in the Cauldron when the full-time whistle sounded after we beat Houston in the 2013 playoffs.
  77. Erika Rondon – My favorite memory is the Open Cup game against San Jose because I sat near Diego Rubio’s family and he scored the goal and his family yelled his name really loud.
  78. Emily Jones – My favorite memory at CMP was when we won the MLS Cup after penalty kicks in the freezing cold. I kept a piece of confetti from that game that I still have in my room!
  79. Rob Thomson – My favorite memory is when the fans passed around the 2013 MLS Cup trophy after our victory over Real Salt Lake. The frigid temperature was no match for the passion and chanting and singing and hugging that night as the Philip F. Anschutz Trophy made its way around the stadium.
  80. Mary Catherine Cook – One time I surprised my brother Collin with Sporting KC tickets for his birthday and he ended up getting a picture with Graham Zusi. Best day ever.
  81. Connor Galloway– Tailgating with the Cauldron in the parking lot and then screaming our heads off during the match.
  82. Marisa Leconte – Open Cup Final with lightning delay, double rainbow and then going to PKs and lasting until 12:30 a.m. Best part was that it was packed the whole time.
  83. John Dreska – Had to be MLS Cup in 2013. It was 14 degrees and I couldn't feel my feet but that shootout was the most intense Sporting event I've ever seen and the pure euphoria that ran through the stadium lit up the entire city. The best part was hugging people I'd never met after every goal and then of course when the big man, AC78 netted the game winning PK. 
  84. Bob Rusert –My dad is not a soccer fan. But he was in town the day of the U.S. Open Cup final against Seattle in 2012. A pregame storm that almost blew our tailgate away, an extended match that went to PKs, and a dramatic win all while the Cauldron never stopped. My dad was wide-eyed the entire time. Now he asks about soccer more often.
  85. Andrew "British" Lawrence – Almost getting frostbite on my toes in the Cauldron watching us win the MLS Cup.
  86. Adam Driscoll – My best SKC memory is when I proposed to my wife while tailgating before one of the games.
  87. Nick Amey – My favorite memory was watching the MLS Cup in five degree temperature with my dad standing on a piece of cardboard to try and keep our feet just a little warmer. Each PK built up the moment and we both erupted when RSL missed and Sporting KC players rushed Jimmy. It was the coldest, biggest, most awkward high five/hug that I have ever shared with my dad.
  88. Zach Cobb – Hugging the nearest security guard after the Claudio Bieler goal that sent us to the 2013 Eastern Conference Final.
  89. Scott Swain – Outside of winning MLS Cup is probably when we hosted the MLS All-Star Game in 2013. We were sitting in the Bud Light Landing and got to meet and take pictures with Alexi Lalas. Definitely made my wife and I's night. So many good memories out there, but that certainly stands out. 
  90. Erin Kautz – Watching Ike Opara score a header off a corner kick on June 14 in the U.S. Open Cup against Minnesota.
  91. Alan Malinda –  Penalty kick shootout versus Real Salt Lake in December 2013. Freezing as it was, arm in arm with friends gasping for air with every penalty, when Aurelien Collin buried the last one and Palmer missed, the warmth in that moment is and always will be a completely unforgettable moment. 
  92. Chris Wurst – So many great memories at Children's Mercy Park, but meeting my wife takes the cake. 
  93. Ryan Jerrod – Braving the coldest game on record with five of my best friends from the time the lots opened until Palmer rang the crossbar and we lifted MLS Cup at home. 
  94. Carl Keenan – All of them. I love that place so much.
  95. Brian Bratichak – Without question, the 2012 Open Cup Final. Once Eddie Johnson's shot deflected off the crossbar, I think I leapt into the air so high I landed 4 or 5 rows in front of my seat. I will never forget that day for my whole life.
  96. CalebVeer – Easy. Standing in the bitter cold for 120+ minutes to watch us win the MLS Cup.
  97. Steve Brisendine – Watching the 2015 Open Cup Final in the Field Club because I was covering the U.S. U-23s Olympic Qualifying and they had just finished training and then celebrating with the Sporting KC operations staff.
  98. Spencer Regier – Love how involved ownership is in the team and I think that is a big part of why SKC is beloved by fans. This stadium comes alive and the 2013 playoff run was one of my favorite time at Sporting KC.
  99. KayliHamilton – Celebrating my 32nd birthday with 20,000 of my closest friends beating Chicago Fire 3-2 earlier this year.
  100. Tony Meola – My favorite memory at Children's Mercy Park was getting inducted into the Sporting Legends. I never got to play there so that day was cool to see the place for the first time filled with soccer fans from Kansas City.