Dany Rosero: Chasing His Dream


Dany Rosero shares his love for Kansas City and the future he wants to build on and off the pitch. Follow along with our Hispanic Heritage web series and get to know more about some of our Spanish speaking players. Para leer en español haga clic, AQUÍ.

Kansas City, a city known for its love of sports, is the city where Dany Rosero is now looking to chase his dreams. Originally from Colombia, this talented soccer player has been living in this vibrant city for less than a year, but he already feels at home in this new city.

Since his arrival at the club, Rosero has expressed his desire to become a legend at Sporting and have his name engraved on the walls of the stadium. And this season, the defender has shown his efforts on the field, becoming a key player for Sporting.

Conoce a Dany Rosero defensa Sporting Kansas City

At first glance, people may not be able to see Rosero's true personality. On the field, he is aggressive and brave, a strong defender. We have seen him stopping dangerous plays, winning aerial duels, and being a force in the back line. However, off the pitch, Rosero is a 29-year-old man who is kind, warm, funny and is always the first person to greet you. He loves his family, the sport he plays, and is passionate about his role on the team.

During his time here, Rosero has managed to build a community of people and form good friendships within the team. He has also gained the love and support of the Kansas City community and fans. Rosero describes Kansas City as a pleasant place, always commenting on how kind the people are here. He has quickly fallen in love with this city.

"Well, [I'm] happy," Rosero commented. "I think it's a very peaceful city, something many people dream of. And Kansas City has welcomed me in the best way, and I'm very happy."

Moving to a new country can be difficult, especially when one doesn't speak the language, but Rosero has never seen it as a problem. The Colombian defender communicates well with the entire team, with football being a shared language. If anything, the defense thinks his team is more of a resource for him to learn English, rather than him teach them Spanish. 

"Actually, no, [I haven't tried to teach them Spanish]," Rosero said. "It’s easier for them to teach me English, in one word. But communication is easier because there are some who speak both languages and they help me a lot, so we haven't had a problem with that."


In September, Rosero became a father for the first time. He and his wife welcomed a beautiful baby girl. It's incredible to see how Rosero talks about his daughter, his behavior completely changes. His smile widens, and you can feel the love he has for his little one. Rosero is so happy to have his daughter, she represents this new chapter in his life.

"I'm very family-oriented," Rosero said. "And I think I'm at a point of happiness now that I'm going to have my baby."


He wants to succeed on the pitch, but he also wants to build his home here with his wife and daughter, and provide them with a great life and great opportunities. He sees Kansas City as that place where she can grow, thrive, and be surrounded by good people. Despite not having been in Kansas City for long, Rosero already considers this city his home.

As Dany Rosero continues to chase his dream, his determination and dedication are evident. He not only seeks to excel on the pitch but also to build a solid life and a strong community in Kansas City. His love for his family, the sport, and his ability to connect with the people around him is admirable. Rosero is an example of how sports can unite people from different cultures and create lasting bonds.

Dany Rosero has earned the affection of all those who know him. He is a great player, but also a great person. As one of the newest players on the team, Rosero has already made an impact in the hearts of fans, and he has found a home in this city that has welcomed him so quickly. Rosero has big dreams he wants to fulfill in Kansas City, and every day he gets closer to achieving those dreams.