Davidson Elementary teacher Davin Leed named Blue KC Sporting Samaritan for April

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Davin Leed has always had his students’ best interests at heart, and he returned to the Kansas City area to begin his teaching career in 2003. A well-rounded educator who is currently at Davidson Elementary School in the North Kansas City School District, Leed earned his degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has traveled to many places, having lived in Arizona, California and even Japan for a brief period.

Leed understands the importance of family and refers to his colleagues at Davidson Elementary as part of his extended family. The support, encouragement and assistance they provide each other – whether it be about problem-solving with students or extending a helping hand during a personal time of need – stands out in the community and is a quality that’s used to boost the morale of students, teachers and administrators within the school.

“My greatest accomplishment is to see my former elementary students walking the hallways of Davidson Elementary in a parade of purple and yellow robes for their final farewell,” said Leed. “It’s a proud moment to high-five those successful young men and women.”

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As an educator, Leed has relied on positive advice from those who came before him, but also found ways to provide his own advice to his students. He was once told he needs to become a professional life-long learner to better himself at work and at home. He’s taken that message to heart and instilled a similar message to those who sit in his classroom.

“The brain is a muscle and you need to work it,” said Leed. “You can fail or get the wrong answer, but you need to have strategies in place to overcome obstacles and persevere. You must be able to problem solve, while also maintaining a positive learner’s mindset, and be able to communicate efficiently and possess integrity. These simple pillars are vital to being the best you can possibly be.”

In Leed’s classroom, he emphasizes a ‘Portrait of a Graduate’. He tells his students a North Kansas City graduate will demonstrate characteristics that will guide them through their entire academic career and beyond. This includes the ability to collaborate with peers, the skills to adapt to various situations to solve complex problems and the traits needed to show empathy to fellow classmates.

“I am thrilled and proud to be recognized as a Blue KC Sporting Samaritan,” said Leed. “I’ve always been humble and hard-working, and my reward is watching my students grow on a daily basis. I see them come to class excited about learning, and they then leave the classroom smarter.”

“Everyone needs someone in their life who challenges them and makes them a better person,” said Jacob Nixon, Davin’s nominator. “Davin is a maximizer and is always looking for ways to take the strengths of students and help them capitalize on what makes them the best version of themselves so they can be stretched and challenged to think outside the box. Instead of the norm, Davin creates, pivots and establishes his curriculum with what fits perfectly for each learner and drives their thinking to the max. His instruction is next level and allows for learners to practice skills in a beneficial real-life experience.”

“As you can tell from Davin’s nominator, his unique approach to teaching has resonated with his students and is helping prepare them for the rest of their lives,” said Jenny Housley, Blue KC Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “Davin goes above and beyond to make sure his students have memorable experiences in his classroom, while also being challenged to perform their very best each day. It’s an honor to recognize Davin for the outstanding educator that he is.”

“This is a reward that I am not used to, but I’m grateful to be part of such a wonderful program,” said Leed.

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Blue KC Sporting Samaritans will continue to be recognized monthly at Children’s Mercy Park during Sporting home games. Fans are encouraged to nominate teachers and students who are making a positive impact on their schools and communities by using the form online at