Peter Vermes GOAL STATION - Sporting KC

In January 2019, GOAL STATION launched the first set of professional soccer training drills developed by UEFA Pro coaches powered by A-Champs’ interactive sensor technology—an interactive training experience that uses multi-sensory stimulation via light, sound and vibration cues. The reaction-based technology, application and training methodology caught the attention of Major League Soccer club Sporting Kansas City.

“GOAL STATION helps us create a comprehensive training environment for players at all levels within our professional pathway,” said Peter Vermes, Sporting Kansas City Manager and Sporting Director. “With this cutting-edge technology, we are better positioned to maximize individual player development as well as the overall potential of our team.”

GOAL STATION powered by A-Champs recreates and simulates different aspects, scenarios and game-like situations to develop players. At its core is the notion that every action that a player performs on the pitch is based on what is happening around him/her. Thus, to get the edge it is not enough anymore to train ball skills, speed, agility and strength. Players who want to reach their full potential need to optimize their cognitive-motor skills like: Perception, Sensory Capabilities (Vision and Hearing), Reaction, Decision Making, Concentration/Alertness and Learning/Adaptability. GOAL STATION powered by A-Champs’ game-changing soccer training methodology trains exactly those areas with randomized sound and light signals.

GOAL STATION powered by A-Champs and fitness specialist BeStrong launch official player development partnership with Sporting KC -

In traditional training, players or coaches leave with an opinion of how practice went. With GOAL STATION powered by A-Champs, every single training session provides crucial data about the development and progress of each player, drill and rep. It tracks strengths and weaknesses from specific skill sets to position specific training scenarios and provides a base for customized work on weaknesses.

“We are excited to work with Peter Vermes and Sporting Kansas City," said Steven Carrera of GOAL STATION USA. "Their professional organization, passionate fan base and energy is what gets us motivated, but it is all about the drive to create a better environment for players to develop and progress. We know that this technology is the future of soccer training. Nothing else compares to it that is out there. The quality alone and easy usability and functionality fits into every single soccer program and player in the world”

The BeStrong Soccer Fitness Park has been designed with European top head strength and conditioning coaches and with full understanding of the physical demand of youth and professional players and the risk factors related to injury. The park provides users of any age or ability the potential to develop their general fitness, their soccer-specific strength and their physical resilience which reduces the risk of injury.

The partnership with Sporting Kansas City is GOAL STATION powered by A-Champs’ and BeStrong’s first major step into the U.S. market. Its technology and methodology are already used by leading European soccer teams and players and are now destined to revolutionize soccer training across the nation.

The partnership contains:

  • GOAL STATION soccer training installations that are powered by A-Champs interactive technology;
  • A-Champs interactive light and sound sensor pods called “ROX Pro” for individual training use on and off the field, in the gym and for players’ at-home training;
  • The first ever soccer-specific outdoor fitness park by BeStrong that offers strength, conditioning and rehab training according to the latest sports science research.

About GOAL STATION powered by A-Champs

GOAL STATION powered by A-Champs stands for the latest soccer training-tech that is getting players and coaches objective data and no guesswork. The technology and training methodology were introduced to Sporting Kansas City with the efforts of Peter Smith, Smash Soccer and Steven Carrera, LIFE International Management.

A-Champs is a Barcelona based Sports Tech start-up that uses the latest technology, modern sports-science and gamification to create engaging training solutions that simulate the body and brain.

About BeStrong

BeStrong specializes in the development, production and installation of outdoor sport and recreation areas and operates over 1,100 fitness parks worldwide. BeStrong’s mission is to create sport specific fitness parks related to the demand of each sport. It recently partnered up with A-Champs to develop interactive fitness parks of the future.