Khiry Shelton Shadow Buddies

Pediatric patients and their families at Children’s Mercy Hospital will be receiving a very special Buddy beginning October 2021.

Sporting Kansas City forward Khiry Shelton is donating 100 of his personalized ID Buddies all dressed as superheroes. Shelton, now in his third season with the team, is passionate about the ID Buddy that encourages children to express themselves in a positive manner and create their new Buddy.

Shelton recently joined the Shadow Buddies Team this summer with his own Buddy, dressed in Sporting Kansas City attire and a special team shirt with No. 11 and his signature on the cape. He wants to encourage pediatric patients to "be you and believe creativity will make a healthier world for kids."

The Shadow Buddies Foundation has been providing emotional support to medically challenged children and their parents with our condition-specific dolls that are designed to be a friend, “just like me.” They not only provide comfort to the child, but also provide physicians a hands-on method of educating newly diagnosed children and their families. Beginning with four Buddies in 1995, today the Shadow Buddies family has grown to over 36 different condition-specific dolls for both girls and boys.

The mission of the Shadow Buddies Foundation is to provide emotional support through education regarding illness, disability or medical treatments. The foundation accomplishes this mainly through unique programs designed to enhance the lives of children and adults and increase compassion and understanding of differences.

Shelton unites with Shadow Buddies on their 26th anniversary supporting medically challenged children and their families.

For more information on the Shadow Buddies Foundation contact Marty Postlethwait at or 913-642-4646.