Quotes: Sporting KC 1-3 New England Revolution - October 1, 2016

Team Photo vs. New England - October 1, 2016

Sporting Kansas City Manager Peter Vermes

On the result and thoughts on the game as a whole:
First half, I think we were a little out of sorts with a couple of decisions that we tried to make. We tried to do some things a little different in the game. I don’t think they worked so well in regards to our rhythm of play in the first half. We over-committed on the first goal, way too much to one side. That is what it is, but I’m just talking about the overall play. Second half, I thought we came out and we were actually playing pretty well. We started to get a little rhythm back. We find ourselves an equalizer and I thought we were in a good place, but I think tonight, in too many situations where they actually scored because of our over commitment. You over commit, you leave yourself exposed. I think in a lot of the things, that’s what we did. We basically exposed ourselves.

On allowing a goal after Sporting KC equalized early in the second half:
We had a good rhythm at that point. Again, to give up the next two, that was a little disappointing, for sure.

On what the own goal did to Sporting KC’s mentality:
I think that’s a really tough own goal. I don’t think anybody looked at it like that way. I think it more was the fact that it was a corner kick, came out, it was cleared, [and] they cycled it back around. We actually didn’t have enough guys at the back stick. If you don’t have your people there, not only are they going to get a chance, but as a ball ricochets and comes back, you’re not in a good starting position. Sometimes, that’s going to happen to you.

On the adjustments made at halftime:
I changed our formation a little bit. We just got back to ourselves a tad. Again, I thought we started off really well. We got that equalizer. We were still okay in the game. Again, I think we stepped off a little bit, meaning we didn’t keep our foot on the gas pedal at that point once we got the equalizer. They started getting a little rhythm again. They were getting too many set pieces in around the box. Then, I think those two corner kicks led to both opportunities for them.

Sporting Kansas City Forward Benny Feilhaber

On changing tactics to score more goals:
Obviously, tactics always affect the game, but throughout the season, we always know what the other team is good at and what they’re potentially susceptible to, and we try to take advantage of those things. We tried to do that this game, but we weren’t able to do it in an organized and good fashion and we gave up some chances that we probably shouldn’t have and didn’t manage to create enough for what we’re used to.

On playing Real Salt Lake in Sporting Kansas City’s next game:
You have to forget this game obviously, there are two games left in the season. We’re in a fight for our lives, in a playoff spot now. It’s about getting points each and every game, and solidifying your spot in the playoffs.

Sporting Kansas City Defender Saad Abdul-Salaam

On improving as the season progresses:
I think we have to, overall, communicate. I think there’s a lack of communication on the field on some of the plays. That’s something we have been working all year on and that’s something we can continue to get better on. That being said, I thought as a group we fought all way to the end.

On the team’s upcoming games against Salt Lake and San Jose:
We are confident going in. We think we can gets points at Salt Lake and then come home and get points against San Jose.