Shfeo Lar named Blue KC Sporting Samaritan for July

Shfeo Lar 1

His interest in soccer began at a young age. Shfeo Lar was just nine-years-old when he began playing his favorite sport. Since then, the recent graduate of Northeast High School has put together a remarkable soccer resume that included four years of high school varsity and a successful tenure on his current club team, the Youth RISE Jaguars.

Lar has also played for Missouri ODP State and Regional teams as well as Sunflower State FC, the men’s UPSL team. Demonstrating his willingness to adapt to new challenges, Lar has constantly helped mold the various teams he has played for into strong contenders in their respective leagues, while creating lifelong friendships and bonds with his teammates.

“The best part of being a player is that you’re always being active,” said Lar. “Being a player helps me stay healthy as well. I’ve always believed that if you put your mind into something, and don’t give up, you will succeed.”

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Lar is originally from Thailand, but moved to Kansas City when his family came to the United States in the late 2000’s. Since then, he’s been able to shed a positive light within his community while constantly reminding those around him to never give up on the world.

This is evident throughout the most recent years of Lar’s life. Having just graduated from high school, he’ll soon be attending the University of Missouri-Kansas City, under the KC Scholars award, and pursue a bachelor’s degree. He reminds those around him, especially his friends and teammates, to stay hungry and strive for greatness.

“Don’t ever think you are the best player on the field,” said Lar. “There is always someone better than you, so remember to keep working hard and to stay humble.”

With his glowing personality and kindness he displays toward others, his coach and mentor, Ann Murphy, nominated Lar to be considered as a Blue KC Sporting Samaritan.

“Shfeo is an incredibly talented young man that not only displays his efforts, focus, leadership and resilience on the soccer field, but also in the classroom,” said Murphy. “I’ve watched Shfeo excel over many years and push himself above distractions in his neighborhood so that he can set his goals and succeed.”

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As a captain on his club and high school team, Lar also devotes his time and energy by tutoring and participating in Youth RISE community service activities and encourages his teammates to strive toward success in the future as well.

Lar has a goal of becoming a professional soccer player, but is also eyeing a career in law enforcement. His charisma and perseverance have those around him confident in his ability to protect and serve those within the Kansas City community.

“The traits and characteristics Shfeo’s nominator use to describe him is the perfect description of a true role model in the Kansas City community,” said Blue KC Chief Communications Officer Christa Dubill. “To have such great morals and a positive outlook on life at such a young age is remarkable and a great reminder to all of us to be thankful for what we have in our lives. We’re excited to have the opportunity to honor Shfeo Lar and name him a Blue KC Sporting Samaritan.”

With Blue KC Sporting Samaritans being honored monthly at Children’s Mercy Park during Sporting home games, fans are encouraged to nominate teachers and students who are making a positive impact on their schools and communities by using the form online at

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