SportsEngine Announced as the Preferred Technology Partner of the Sporting Club Network

Sporting Club Network SportsEngine - August 17, 2016

The Sporting Club Network, presented by Price Chopper, has entered into a multi-year agreement with SportsEngine. Through this strategic partnership, SportsEngine will become the Preferred Technology Partner of the Sporting Club Network, helping provide website and registration services to the clubs and organizations within the SCN.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sporting KC, an organization that has long been a leader within Major League Soccer and on the cutting edge of sports technology,” said John Weinerth, Soccer Vice President of SportsEngine. “Our partnership aligns perfectly with the goals of providing brand consistency, connectivity and added-value to all of their Academy Affiliates and the entire Sporting Club Network of youth organizations.”

SportsEngine, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a multiplatform based software that manages and organizes websites, registration, rosters, schedules, statistics, scores, communication, photos, and videos all in real time. By partnering with Sporting Club, SportsEngine aims to create and enhance further benefits for member organizations of the Sporting Club Network, and especially its Academy Affiliates.

 “After months of extensive research involving numerous sport technology companies, we feel incredibly confident and excited to announce a formal partnership with SportsEngine,” commented Betsy Maxfield, Sporting KC VP of Youth Soccer. “As the industry leader in services including, but not limited to website management, digital marketing, and online registration they continually showed a commitment to adding value to our existing affiliate program. We look forward to integrating SportsEngine into the management of the Sporting Club Network, as well as the range of benefits they will offer to our member clubs.”

Speaking to those benefits, SportsEngine will be offering all SCN members an exclusive offer for their online registration services, tailored specifically to clubs affiliated with Sporting Kansas City, and allowing their members to directly register for both their club and the SCN at the same time. By streamlining and improving these processes, it will allow the club managers and administration to focus more on the key building blocks of running their organizations & how to continually progress in their respective growth.

On the website front, this partnership will provide exclusive website opportunities for both SCN and Academy Affiliate organizations, allowing for further brand consistency in line with Sporting Club and Sporting Kansas City. In addition, Sporting Club is helping subsidize the buildout of the custom Academy Affiliate templates, which will all be connected on a shared network of sites. Through these sites, Sporting Club will be able to manage a portal that will allow for custom communications straight to those affiliate home pages. This will not only incredibly improve upon the communication channels directly to each member, but will also serve to better connect & unify each affiliate within the digital space.

“There is a ton of value in being connected to the Sporting KC brand and we have molded a very deep partnership built around providing best in class tools that will make this connection seamless and efficient,” added Weinerth. “We think this partnership will not only serve as a benchmark for other MLS teams, but across other pro sports as well.”

More about SportsEngine:

Powering more than 500,000 sports teams, leagues, clubs, and associations, SportsEngine features a complete suite of easy-to-use tools that help sports organizations manage, connect, and communicate with a diverse range of stakeholders, including athletes, parents, administrators, coaches, referees, scouts, volunteers, fans, journalists, and sponsors. For more information on SportsEngine, visit

More about Sporting Club Network:

The Sporting Club Network (SCN) is an affiliation program between athletic organizations and Sporting Club, the parent company of Sporting Kansas City (SKC) and Swope Park Rangers (SPR). Through this new and innovative partnership program, member clubs and organizations have exclusive access to opportunities and events tied to Sporting Club’s professional soccer teams and facilities. The combined membership of the program exceeds over 70,000 members, highlighted by the largest Academy Affiliate program across the U.S. with 15 branded affiliates representing the Sporting name & helping support the club’s larger player development goals.

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