Children's Mercy Park

Sporting Kansas City and Children's Mercy Park would like to alert fans to an update with regard to parking and tailgating on Sunday.

For this Sunday, along with the Tailgating Code of Conduct (listed below), parking that usually takes place at CommunityAmerica Ballpark will be relocated to the 2nd and 3rd levels of the parking garage and surface spots behind TJ MAXX located at the Legends.

Legends does not allow tailgating in those lots and therefore any fan who wishes to tailgate will need to do so at the Speedway Lots, which open at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday.

In addition, due to high temperatures, supporters will be allowed to bring one 20oz. bottle of water into Children's Mercy Park on Sunday. The bottle must be sealed upon entering the stadium and the cap will be removed at the gate.

Although Sunday's game is on ESPN, the match will kick off at 2:08 p.m.

Children's Mercy Park Tailgating Code of Conduct

Sporting Kansas City & Children’s Mercy Park encourages tailgating by all fans.  However, all guests who wish to tailgate must adhere to the following rules and regulations that have been created to provide a positive and safe experience for all of our guests. Please be respectful of your fellow guests by following the Children’s Mercy Park Tailgating Code of Conduct.

  • Tailgating is allowed in Lots E, F, STM, I, D & CAB. It is prohibited in the NFM & Legends Lots.
  • Tailgating that extends into adjacent parking spaces is not permitted.
  • Tailgating is limited to the space in front of or behind your vehicle. There must be a 10ft drive lane between tailgates to allow emergency vehicles an unobstructed path.
  • Tailgating in the grass areas is allowed, however tailgating on sidewalks or walkways is prohibited.
  • Charcoal & gas grills are permitted in the lots where tailgating is allowed.
  • All guests must dispose of garbage and coals in the appropriate bins.
  • All guests must follow the instructions given by the stadium personnel.