Second-Annual Media Game

(July 10, 2007) – The Kansas City Wizards announced today the draft results of the 2007 All-Star media draft live at the Granfalloon on the Plaza. In all, 34 members of the local media will participate in the 2nd-annual media game held at halftime of Saturday’s match at 7 p.m. against Real Salt Lake at Arrowhead Stadium.

“I’m so excited to lead my team to victory Saturday,” Wizards Blue Head Coach Jenny Matthews said. “We have a lot of fierce competitors on our team. Wizards White is in some serious trouble.”

Nineteen different media outlets will be represented during the 15-v-15 contest Saturday on the field at Arrowhead. The draft was held Tuesday at the Granfalloon. Participating media members were called up to the podium by voice of the Wizards Sean Wheelock for a photo with Wizards defender Nick Garcia. Wizards Merchandising Manager Jacques Tournoy will present a customized adidas jersey, a team scarf and a Wizards bag containing: adidas shorts, socks, shin guards and shoes to each media member.

“We’re pleased to make this media game an annual event,” Tournoy said. “Building upon the success from last year’s event, every successive year we will continue to grow the spectacle. In my position as Merchandising Manager, it’s great to see how excited the media gets donning their Wizards gear. It’s a testament to the first-rate merchandise we have available to every fan.”

The game serves as a special thanks from the Kansas City Wizards communications department in appreciation for the outstanding coverage the team has received so far this year in the local media.

Wizards White                                                    Wizards Blue

Name Media Outlet Number
Aaron Swarts 810 WHB 00
*Jake Gutierrez 810 WHB 1
Rochy Meneses La Playa/GranD 2
Jen Chen The Pitch 3
Ed Reyes Dos Mundos 4
Shawn Roney Dos Mundos 5
Juan Ramirez Univision 6
Todd Leabo 810 WHB 7
Nate Bukaty 810 WHB 8
Mike Benyo KSHB 41 9
Ryan Gosling KSHB 41 10
Paige Heyward KSHB 41 11
Justin Unell KSHB 41 12
Meredith Hoenes KSHB 41 13
Steve Brisendine AP 14
+Darcy Blake 98.1 15
Gary Lezak KSHB 41 16
Name Media Outlet Number
*Robert Whitman Soccer KC 1
Jason Lamb WDAF 4 2
Mick Shaffer Metro Sports 3
Brad Porter Metro Sports 4
Bob Rusert 5
Chris Hamblin 610 6
Cory Anderson 610 7
Matt Stewart KCTV 5 8
Rocket Mix 93.3 9
Carlos Chicas Univision-Arkansas 10
+Jenny Matthews 93.3 11
DA 610 12
Thomas Foote 13
Scott Parks 980 14
Bob Luder KC Star 15
Jose Lopez Univision-Arkansas 16
Dave Fogel STAR 102.1 102

+ Coach