New York's Juan Agudelo and Kansas City's Teal Bunbury are engaged in a battle on Twitter.
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Bunbury, Agudelo become Twitter rivals

Teal Bunbury and Juan Agudelo might be close friends, but this week, they’re sworn enemies on Twitter.

The Sporting Kansas City striker and his counterpart from the New York Red Bulls kicked off an interesting online challenge ahead of the teams’ matchup this Saturday at Red Bull Arena, each looking to one-up the other for the most Twitter followers before kickoff.

The rules might be simple, but the stakes are serious. The loser must wear the winner’s jersey for an entire day while tweeting photos to all their followers to prove they’ve gone through with their end of the tough-luck bargain.

Agudelo – who as of Tuesday at noon ET held the lead with roughly 7,370 followers to Bunbury’s 7,270 – called in the big guns, calling on fellow Red Bull athlete and US Olympic gold medalist Shaun White to help him with the campaign.

Bunbury has also leaned on a Twitter giant in the form of NFL wide receiver and honorary Sporting Kansas City team member Chad Ochocinco to help him with the cause.

Follow Bunbury on Twitter at @tealbunb to join #TeamBunbury, the new hashtag created for his cause this week.