Besler's Secret

Another day, another bra for Matt Besler to try on.  Have you ever seen him look so peaceful and comfortable with his body? What's Mrs. N going to think of her hubby pawing Matt like that? Come on ladies, would you stand for that? Don't answer that. 

In all seriousness, Bes manned up and put the brassiere on for a good cause. That sweet lingerie is courtesy of Michael Thomas' aunt, Cindy Wittman, a breast cancer survivor. The bra will join 70 other one-of-a-kind bras at the Art Bra event on May 4 at The Midland. The bras will be modeled by breast cancer survivors and auctioned off for charity to benefit breast cancer survivors. How cool is that?  

Visit for more info. Buy a ticket and splurge on the Sporting bra! Hey, this is your photographic proof that Besler er sort of filled out your new bra.