Hear from El Capitan

For those who haven't been following along, Jimmy Nielsen was named captain for the 2012 season. @RobbHeineman spilled the beans on Twitter, and we've tried to tell you a few times (here and here and here, but who's counting). What does this mean? Well, the honors include...

The Pre-Game Coin Toss


Arguing incessantly with MLS referees...



And the team's first weekly press conference...

Check out the video to hear more about..

  1. the son he never had
  2. his choice of accessories for Saturday's match attire
  3. why there's actually 11 captains this season

Things he didn't share?

  1. he bought the whole team lunch yesterday
  2. he told Missouri Comets coach and fellow Dane Kim Roentved good luck in the playoffs
  3. his family's moving into a new crib this weekend

Still can't get enough press conference video? We made Peter Vermes meet with the media too. He's not nearly as entertaining as The White Puma (who's curiously wearing a crocodile logo on his shirt in the video) and doesn't get his own blog post. Sorry PV, there's always next week.