A long-distance love story

Malena Barajas' @12thlady Twitter profile says it all. "I fell in love with football..." Now today, with the launch of Women United Football Club, comes her story of how she fell in love with Sporting Kansas City during the 2011 Desert Cup:

"I wanted in. My friend who was working on the project suggested that I volunteer to serve as a “Team Liaison” on the FC Tucson operations team. A team liaison would shadow a team for three days, answer any questions and help to solve any problems that might arise, and be on the field during the matches. Um, yeah! Sign this girl up! Well, he did, but I was assigned to Sporting KC. Who is sporting KC? Omar Bravo? Yeah, I know who he is. So? I want Henry. No, Malena. Sporting KC is critical to FC Tucson’s success. You will be a better fit there. Fine. I’ll go with these guys, but Kansas City? Really? You owe me.

Sporting KC was a blast to work with, learn from and, yes, crush on. The team administrator even gave me permission to celebrate a Thierry Henry goal against Sporting KC – after I gave some sad puppy eyes. (Seriously, ladies, the man is a LEGEND.) By the end of the three days, I had separation anxiety. At the FC Tucson celebration dinner, I promised Sporting KC Coach Peter Vermes that I would support him and the team. For life. It was official. I was suddenly, inexplicably, uncritically in love. SKC’s 2011 season brought me pain and disruption, but I enjoyed every minute of it. It’s now I that owes FC Tucson for introducing me to SKC and igniting this love for an MLS team and a great appreciation for the League itself."

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