LIVESTRONG: Riding for a cause

Have you ever imagined being a part of something bigger than yourself? A team, the company you work for or maybe it's simply a passion you share with a couple billion people.

Long time resident of Kansas City and bike riding enthusiast Allen Wuttke has embodied this concept while giving life to the notion that each individual has the ability to make a significant impact within their community.

Wuttke embarked on a four-week journey across the country, which he began on June 9th. Wuttke’s journey is quite different from most other cross-country travelers, as he is making the voyage on his bicycle in an effort to show his continued support and build awareness for the LIVESTRONG foundation.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Wuttke in the week prior to his adventure’s beginning. Wuttke expressed the nerves he was experiencing, but ultimately it was his excitement and desire to support a cause he so passionately believes in that trumped all else.

“I support LIVESTRONG because I believe that we need to help survivors and stop cancer once and for all," Wuttke said. "We need to fight cancer with every ounce of energy we can muster.  When I ride, I will be riding in celebration of my granddaughter Kaya and I pray that a cure for cancer will be found during her lifetime. I ride in memory of my father Bill, who lost his battle with cancer 35 years ago, and our dear friend Rachel, who we lost just last year. I ride in honor of Peter, Jim, Barry, John, Kristen and all other survivors. And I ride in appreciation for my supporters and their loved ones who have battled cancer. Let’s stop cancer in its tracks!”

As Wuttke enters the final stretch of his journey, he needs support more than ever. Check out his blog and leave your kind words of encouragement in the comments section!

Note: Sporting Club and LIVESTRONG entered into a first-of-its-kind philanthrophic partnership in 2011. A portion of all proceeds at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park go toward the fight against cancer and the partnership also strives to develop local cancer survivorship services for Kansas City residents. Follow @LIVESTRONGPark on Twitter and Facebook.