A Media Game to Remember

Sporting Kansas City may have lost to the Fire on Friday evening, but the halftime media game softened the blow a little bit.  

My money was on the indigo team from the beginning, but the Sporting Blue team killed it with their secret weapon Kyle Kurtz from Mix 93.3.

Mix 93.3 wasn't the only radio station on fire that night, Dannyboi from 96.5 The Buzz got a red card for shoving 610's Josh Klingler. But between you and me, I think Dannyboi just wanted to stop running. 

Special thanks to everyone who participated:

KSHB Action News: Curtis Jay, JiaoJiao Shen, Justin Unell and Brett Anthony

Sports Radio 810 whb: Nate Bukaty and Aaron Swarts

Metro Sports: Kennetra Pulliams and Brad Porter

96.5 The Buzz: DannyBoi

Mix 93.3: Steve Serrano, Kyle Kurtz

Hot 103.3: Jamz JT Quick

Associated Press: Dave Skretta

Fox 4: Nick Vasos

KMBC Channel 9: Johnny Kane and Erin Little

KCTV:  Michael Coleman and Kelly Jones

Kansas City Star: Tod Palmer and Pete Grathoff

610 Sports Radio: Josh Klingler

Reyes Media Group: Ed Reyes, Lilia Garcia, Enrique Morales and Leo Simbaqueva

Bleacher Report: Alan Hainkel

Backpost.net: Thad Bell

This Week in Sporting:  Dave Borchardt and Andy Edwards

Here's a video with some highlights (if you can call them that) and some fierce postgame reactions:

The ladies of the media game- courtesy of Kelly Jones. 

And a group shot.


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