Sporting KC presents the Chipotle Challenge

Raise your hand if you had fun at a Sporting KC youth soccer camp this summer? The club has held several camp opportunities throughout the Kansas City area for boys and girls soccer players, most recently welcoming nearly 60 players from ages 6-11 for a camp at St. Teresa's Academy. The four-day camp focused on all aspects of soccer and the final day featured a brand new element: the Chipotle Challenge.

The campers competed in five different events to test their passing accuracy, shooting precision, juggling skills and throw-in abilities. The best of the bunch? Leif J, who won a complimentary burrito party for 15 at Chipotle and a chance to compete in the halftime winner's challenge during the Sporting KC match on October 24th at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park!

The Chipotle Challenge is the product of a new partnership between the Sporting Club Network and Chipotle. Through this partnership, Chipotle will not only support the Sporting Club Network and its members, but also Sporting KC youth camps, the Sporting 22 scholarship program and local youth soccer tournaments. Check out a Chipotle near you!

Last week's showing was the first of three Chipotle Challenges on the schedule. Another opportunity will come on August 2nd at the St. Teresa's Academy Camp (sign up now!) before the final chance at the Sporting Club Network mini-clinic on September 26th.