Open (Cup) Letter from Robb Heineman

On the eve of #8812SKC, Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman addresses #SKCNation... we go. A moment we've all been waiting for....a chance for silverware. I'm happy for you. The atmosphere I’m anticipating from you tomorrow night will be nothing less than hair-raising for all of us.  

But what I need you to consider tonight, while you’re trying to sleep, is this. There will be a very distinct moment when we will need you tomorrow night. I don't know what it will be specifically or when it will happen, but I know it will be there.

We all know the challenge that lies in front of us - the three-time defending champion, league-wunderkind from the Emerald City. But just remember - Kansas City never would have seen this game if it wasn't for you - I hope you know that.  

No, this game would have been played in Seattle and would have been an even more difficult task for the boys than it will be already. But it's not. It's in your house.  It's at the place that happened because you endured the empty cavern, the wacky sight lines and a night when you were told your beloved Wizards were going to be called something as crazy as Sporting Kansas City.  

This game has almost nothing to do with the 2012 season. It's really about your life as a part of this club and what you’ve done to get us to this point. Thank you for that.  

We need you tomorrow night...just like you've been there all along. You’re not a fan. You are Sporting Kansas City, and I’d like to invite you to risk every on-edge emotion of your being tomorrow night, as we work together to #PaintTheWall.