Klinsmann praises Feilhaber, Zusi, & Besler

United States Men's National Team manager Jurgen Klinsmann has announced a squad of 24 players for the World Cup Qualifier that includes Sporting KC players Matt Besler and Graham Zusi. While Benny Feilhaber wasn't selected, he had a solid match against Canada last week, and still in the mix for future qualifiers. Klinsmann addressed the media in a conference call today and spoke about all three SKC players.

Benny Feilhaber

“He’s right there. He is always in our discussion when we put a roster together.”

"We are thrilled with that move to Kansas now. He will get pushed by Peter Vermes doing that."

“We think he absolutely has the qualities, has the technical ability to be part of the inner circle of the national team. Not being called in for this game doesn’t mean he’s out of the picture.

“We expect for Benny to push it now, to show with his club team and when he has a chance coming into our group. Because with World Cup qualifiers and Gold Cup, there will be opportunities for Benny coming up.”

Matt Besler

"We believe Matt Besler has the capability to step it up on the international level."

"Omar (Gonzalez) is ready, Matt Besler is ready, they had a tremendous three-and-a-half-weeks camp, really very strong impression they left behind."

Graham Zusi

"Graham matured throughout the last year and he stepped it up and that’s why he’s in the inner circle of the group right now."

"From a confidence level he stepped it up and that’s great to see."