#Social: Tweet Sheet and love from C.J.

We're going to try this fun, new thing on Out of the Blue. Every week, we'll recap our favorite Tweets of the week. A snippet of social media from the week before (don't confuse it with our other SOS), or as we'd like to call it - your Tweet Sheet: 

Don't forget the Kit Man Michael Flaherty. Well-dressed and always stain-free. 

Hey, we retweeted you. 

Sporting Brews? We like.  

Blue Hell has your back now, Benny. 

Fail. We didn't see face paint. 

Next up? Kortney and Kim take Sporting Park? 

Follow FC Tucson if you aren't already. You won't be disappointed.

And to end our Monday with a little love from C.J.:

He's the best.