Day Two in Guatemala

David Dollase is the Director of Safety and Security at Sporting Park and received the 2012 National Sports Safety and Security Professional of the Year Award. He arrived in Guatemala on Saturday and will return to Kansas City on Feb. 17th. He will be providing updates, photos and more throughout the trip for Below is his third report; click here for Part I and Part II.

Sunday was a day of rest and preparation, spent sorting the donated soccer items to give to the schools that we will visit tomorrow on the medical mission and deciding on how much and what is best.

For the sake of security, I will only say that tomorrow's trip out of Antigua will take at least two hours by bus into the mountains. Many of the medical students from KCUMB spent the day working on their medical terminology in the local language.

The city was much more quiet than Saturday and the sidewalks were easier to navigate. A little exploring and you discover just how much of the city has been damaged beyond repair over the years from being only four miles from an active volcano that has erupted as recently as only a few months ago.

It's early to bed and early to rise. The buses head out at 0630 hours sharp to maximize the amount of time the medical students will have on location. It will be late when we return to Antigua but with luck I will have some great pictures and a touching story of how generosity and soccer help to make an amazing difference.

Until tomorrow evening,