Digital Takawira Q&A

Digital Takawira will forever be remembered in Sporting Kansas City’s history for killing it on the field and for his famed “Digi Crawl” goal celebration. Takawira, 40, was in town on Friday for his son’s futsal tournament and decided to stop by Sporting Park for a visit.  We caught up him to talk fondest memories and hat tricks.

You used to celebrate after scoring a goal by doing the “Digital Crawl.”  When from Juan Carlos Garcia from Honduras scored against the U.S. last week, he did the digital crawl…

It was kind of fun because I was watching the game and the Honduran players do the crawl and I started laughing because I used to do that!  One of my friends texted me right away and said “They stole your celebration!” But it was nice. You have to show your feelings after you score a goal. You have to celebrate. I’m down with that.

The organization has come very far since 1996, how does watching its progress make you feel?

I’m proud of this. It makes me feel great because we started this and years later they built this.  It’s a beauty. It makes me feel great.  I feel honored to have been a part of this. This is my first time in the stadium. I think this is the best soccer stadium in the country. I think it’s perfect.

You scored 28 goals for the club.  Would you consider coming out of retirement and suiting up for us?

If I receive a call I will come back [laughs]

What have you been up to since you left the club?

I played for a while in Milwaukee and then I put all my energy into coaching. I am trying to develop the young kids.

What is your fondest memory from your time in Kansas City?

I have a couple.  The one that I always cherish is the first Kansas City game when I scored two goals.  I scored the first goal in club history.  I will always cherish it.  Another favorite memory was when I came on as a sub against New England and scored a hat trick.  It was the first hat trick in franchise history. It was like boom boom boom!

You still hold the club record for most multi-goal games with eight. What was your secret?

It was always like- when I scored one goal I was always hungry. When I scores, it drove me to score more goals.

Your 13-year-old son plays soccer.  Does he do the “Digi Crawl” when he scores?

Yes, he does it for fun.  He enjoys it a lot.