Nielsen speaks at Visitation Athletic Banquet

Sporting Kansas City goalkeeper Jimmy Nielsen attended the Visitation Athletic Banquet in Kansas City on Monday. As the special guest speaker of the event, Nielsen addressed the middle schoolers and explained to them why he was such "a lucky man." The story touched on Nielsen's background as a soccer player and how he was asked to move to a new country (from Denmark to the United Kingdom) at the age of only 12 to play soccer.

The Sporting KC captain’s career may have started off quite fruitfully, but has had its share of turbulence along the way. Nielsen admittedly had one poor performance for Millwall after a handful of standout performances. After the match, Jimmy headed out to the bus only to notice it had left without him.

Nielsen went on explaining that it is the ups and downs of sport that help athletes recognize a good situation. And, according to Jimmy, that is exactly what he has in Kansas City.

Nielsen asked the audience questions about himself and Sporting KC throughout his presentation, providing tickets to Wednesday night's match against the Seattle Sounders for all correct answers. And, after he wrapped up the presentation, Jimmy signed autographs and took photos with all in attendance.