Forgetting the Trouble and Putting on Boots

After the long wait for warm weather, the Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation Soccer Abilities Camp was finally held with more perfect weather than any kid could ask for. Kids from around the Kansas City area -- normally at a disadvantage to compete in soccer -- relaxed and played with others just like them. They even had the opportunity to work on drills with a few Sporting Kansas City players.
The event is held annually at the Sporting Club Training Center in Swope Park for kids with a variety of disabilities, although they might fool on the field. Once the participants started playing and laughing, their true abilities and kindness shined.
Benny Feilhaber, Aurelien Collin, Seth Sinovic and Michael Thomas played with the participants through small acts such as passing the ball, goalkeeping or even giving piggy back rides during a scrimmage. Not only did players help, but Futura FC, a local club team, and many other volunteers came to help with drills as well.
To end the night, kids, players and volunteers shared popsicles, hugs and silly stories. Players also signed player cards, took pictures and gave out mini scarves to all in attendance. The wait for weather was worth it after all the memories created.