Alma Mater Quiz: Jacob Peterson (Indiana)

Some say your college years are the most memorable years of your life. We put that to the test on a few of the players. In part two of four, Jacob Peterson is on deck to see what he remembers about his alma mater.

Jamila St. Ann: Jacob Peterson, where did you go to school? (1 point)

Jacob Peterson: Indiana Univeristy

JS: What is the mascot? (1 point)

JP: The Hoosiers.

JS: What are your official colors? (1 point)

JP: Cream and Crimson!

JS: What year was it established? (1 points)

JP: I should know this! I took a ‘History and Cultures of Indiana’ class. Uh…I’m going to say, 1867.

JS: *buzzer noise* 1820…

JP: Oh I was way off.

JS: You had a game winning goal freshman year. What was the date of that, and who was it against? (2 points)

JP: Oh my gosh… A game winning goal, freshman year, at IU…I’m going to say…October 12, Michigan State?

JS: Not far off! October 5 vs. Michigan.

JP: OH it was at Michigan…

JS: And how many career goals did you notch? (2 points)

JP: 30?

JS: Very good!

JP: Was it 30? Wow!

JS: And lastly, what is your fight song’s title? (2 points, bonus worth 5)

JP: Our fight song title is…oh my gosh, what is it? “For the Glory of Old IU?”

JS: That’s a line from your alma mater “Indiana, Our Indiana”. But your fight song’s title is “Indiana Fight”. BONUS POINTS: Can you sing me any of it?

JP: Of the alma mater?

JS: No, the fight song.

JP: Um… “…we will fight for the Cream and Crimson, for the glory of old IU, IU!” I don’t really know anymore *laughs*

(Sadly, those are lines of the Alma Mater, NOT the fight song, no bonus points to be awarded. Sorry Jake!)

5/15 points