Sporting Kaw Valley player wins dinner at Chipotle with Dom Dwyer

Ever wonder what it would feel like to score a goal in front of the KC Cauldron at halftime during a Sporting KC match? Well, according to Sporting Kaw Valley player Kanak Masten, there may have been “a lot of people watching, but there was no pressure really.” Confident words, to say the least, from the Academy Affiliate player and 2013 Chipotle Challenge Champion.
Kanak recently earned the opportunity to compete in the final Chipotle Challenge of 2013 after winning a skills competition at the end of a Sporting Club Network mini-clinic in September. At various camps and mini-clinics throughout the year, Sporting KC’s youth soccer staff held Chipotle Challenges to test the dribbling, juggling and shooting abilities of all participants involved. Kanak was one of six to win these contests and with this honor came not only a spot in the final Chipotle Challenge on-field at Sporting Park, but also a gift card provided by Chipotle worth 25 free burritos for him and his friends!
If a team’s worth of free burritos and the chance to compete in a skills contest in front of a sold-out Sporting Park wasn’t enough, Chipotle and the SCN even had a grand prize lined up for the eventual Chipotle Challenge Champion: dinner with a Sporting KC player! As you can see in the video above, Kanak got to take some of his close friends to a Chipotle location in Kansas City and have dinner with one of his heroes, Sporting KC forward Dom Dwyer.
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