Quintilla vs. VAN

Postgame Quotes: Swope Park Rangers 1-2 Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2

Swope Park Rangers head coach Marc Dos Santos

On the game:

“I think we came in the game very, very well. The first 15 to 20 minutes were very good from our part. We could have scored the second one, we didn’t. When they were open and we had a lot of opportunities, I think we were very dangerous after the 1-0, to try to get the 2-0. We didn’t do that. The mistake (was) that we could have dealt better with the transition ball. We weren’t able to deal with it, so it gave them the tying goal. In the second half, we knew it was a question of two very good teams, two teams that have a lot of quality and dangerous players and their goal comes from a strike that is very difficult to control in a game. It’s maybe a moment of magic in that situation and that’s how you lose a game. I think we pushed a lot after the subs, we tried to put numbers in the box. We tried to be a little more direct when we had to but unfortunately we weren’t able to get a result.”

On the team’s offense:

“We weren’t able to build when it was 1-0 for us, we had a spell of 10 minutes where if we had a little bit better possession, we could have gotten behind them a little bit better and we weren’t able to do it. Unfortunately, when that happens its very difficulty for you to create more chances, we have to focus a little bit better when we create, when we score a goal and there is five to 10 minutes after the goal, we have to be a little bit better when that happens.”

Swope Park Rangers midfielder Jordi Quintilla

On the club’s playing style:

“I think this club and Peter Vermes does a great job, playing. He wants to play. He wants to be on the attack. He wants to play two touches. He wants to play deep. He wants what Barcelona wants. So for me it’s pretty easy to come here and have success and to play calm. I know I am going to have success here for sure, I want to be there.”

On playing for the Rangers:

“(The quality of the team) didn’t surprise me because Peter and Marc do a great job. He wants to play similar for both teams. So one day the Swope Park players will play for Sporting KC. So that’s the goal.”